Best 15 Canadian Podcasts You Must Hear

Are you looking to listen to some top podcasts from Canada?

Well, you’re in luck!

This article will tell you about some great Canadian podcasts you can find on Spotify.

They talk about all kinds of interesting stuff, like Canadian history, pop culture, comedy, and even the next big video game. The hosts are fun and funny too.

Check them out to hear awesome voices from the Great White North, and maybe learn something along the way.

Canadian History Podcasts On Spotify

These are some of the top Canadian history podcasts available on Spotify.

#01 Balto’s Last Run

This podcast tells the tale of a famous sled dog named Balto. In 1925, Balto led a team that brought medicine almost 700 miles to sick kids in Nome, Alaska. People call it the “Great Race of Mercy.” Listen to learn more about this brave pup and how he became a hero in both the U.S. and Canada.

#02 Historica Canada

Want to learn history that feels like adventure stories? This podcast brings Canadian tales to life. Every week they pick a new story from the past. Meet brave leaders, talented creators, innovative thinkers, and more. These men and women helped shape Canada over the years through their remarkable deeds.

#03 The Maple Leaf Forever

Dive deep into all things Canada with hosts Claire and Leah. They serve up bite-sized tales from Canada’s past and decode what makes this country unique. Learn the little-known history, weird tales, and answers to questions you always wondered about Canada. From polar bears and moose to mounted police and maple syrup, this podcast has it all.

#04 Forgotten Stories

Unravel tales of people, places, and events that history forgot. Your guides Ali and Tracy will take you off the beaten path to explore weird, wacky, and surprising stories from Canada’s past. Meet unlikely heroes, solve mysteries, and unearth obscure moments that shaped the nation. This podcast sheds light on forgotten parts of our past and the amazing Canadians you’ve never heard of.

#05 The Sea Shanty Playlist

Hoist the sails as co-captains Kevin and Paul navigate 300 years of Canadian maritime music. You’ll learn sea shanties sung by sailors and classic East Coast tunes. It’s a fun voyage through oceans of history, with stories of shipwrecks, rum-runners, wartime subs, and more. So come aboard and join the singalong to memorialize the boats and bravery that formed the backbone of this seafaring country.

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Canadian lifestyle podcasts On Spotify

#06 The Matty Matheson Podcast

Loud, opinionated chef Matty Matheson digs into all things food, drink, and lifestyle in his signature uncensored style. Based in Toronto, Matheson shares funny stories from his years working in restaurants, travel adventures checking out different food scenes, and thoughts on current events and pop culture. His colorful commentary makes this podcast always entertaining.

#07 Kristin Omdahl’s Knitmore

For over a decade, knitter and designer Kristin Omdahl has hosted this popular podcast for knitters and crocheters. Blending humor and insight, Omdahl delves into a variety of topics like new yarn and pattern releases, techniques, interviews with fiber artists, or just the enjoyable creative process of knitting. The show has built an engaged, supportive community for those who love yarn crafts.

#08 Pop Life

Vancouver-based arts journalist Richard Crouse reviews the latest happenings in movies, music, TV, celebrity culture, and entertainment. With his extensive background covering pop culture, Crouse provides context, thoughtful criticism, and recommendations in an upbeat, fast-paced format. His infectious enthusiasm for the subject matter makes this podcast a joy to listen to weekly.

#09 Unreserved

An enlightening weekly podcast from CBC Radio, Unreserved explores modern Indigenous stories and perspectives from across North America. Host Rosanna Deerchild, who is Cree from Manitoba, conducts intimate, revealing interviews with a wide array of indigenous guests including artists, activists, journalists, and community leaders. Topics range from pop culture to politics, current events to personal journeys. Unreserved provides an impactful platform for indigenous voices and a lens rarely depicted accurately in mainstream media.

#10 Mindset Mondays

Entrepreneur and author Shari Pender discusses strategies and mindsets for empowering personal growth and success. Originally from Nova Scotia, Pender found motivation through rebuilding her life after hardship. She now aims to inspire listeners to implement positive changes and achieve their goals. Blending personal development with lifestyle topics, Pender offers actionable advice on habits, mindfulness, self-care, fitness, nutrition, and more. Her gentle, thoughtful guidance makes this show uplifting.

Canadian Comedy Podcasts On Spotify

#11 The Beaverton Podcast

This podcast comes from the same people who make the funny fake Canadian news website called The Beaverton. The hosts talk about the silly fake news stories they wrote and make lots of jokes about things happening in Canada. They use easy words and funny voices that would make kids laugh.

#12 Comedy Breakdown with Ivan Decker

Ivan Decker is a Canadian stand-up comedian who breaks down comedy to figure out why some things make people laugh. He talks about funny movies, TV shows, viral videos, and memes. He keeps things simple and fun with good jokes that kids would enjoy.

#13 Always a Little Drama

Comedians Alex Pavone, Allie Pearse, and Veronica Amber talk about drama and gossip happening with celebrities or people they know. They tell funny stories from their lives over wine. Kids would find their conversations silly and entertaining.

#14 The Debaters

Comedians debate silly topics to prove why their silly answer is the right one. They make up funny facts and reasons that would make any kid laugh and want to debate funny things too.

#15 Café Sista Podcast

Sisters Janice and Sonia Jo Campbell talk plainly about pop culture, current events, personal stories, and more over coffee. Their chats include lots of humor that kids would appreciate.


Q: What are Canadian comedy podcasts?
A: Funny audio shows by Canadian comedians.

Q: Where can kids find comedy podcasts?
A: Apps like Spotify have comedy podcasts for all ages.

Q: Are Beaverton podcasts real news?
A: No, The Beaverton makes up silly fake news stories.

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