How to find someone on Spotify with/without their username

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How to find someone on Spotify with their username

If you want to find someone on Spotify with their username but don’t know their exact username. I will share some ways you can use to easily find them.

Step 01: First of all, open the Spotify app Enter a full name at the spotify search bar you want to find, but if you don’t get a result then go to step 2.

Step 02: If you can’t find someone’s on spotify directly, try searching for any connected social media account like Facebook,Instagram, or Twitter instead.Many people link their spotify to other social platforms.Locate your friend profile on one of those sites,where you are more likely to see their spotify handle mentioned or in their bio.

Step 03: In this last step find a friend and ask them share the spotify username directly.

If you follow the above step you can easily find someone’s Spotify profile without any error.

How to find someone on Spotify without their username

If you want to find someone on Spotify without their username you can easily find it. Just follow the below simple steps.

Step 01: Open a Spotify app and tap to the search icon. This will open a search bar at the top of the screen.

Step 02: Type the full name of the person you want to find into the search bar. After you enter a name, you will see a list of “Spotify profiles” related to your search.

Step 03: If having trouble finding the right profile due to common names, check if the profile picture helps you identify them. With the narrowed-down list, you should be able to spot the correct person.

How to find friends on Spotify with Facebook

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Spotify provides useful features, like connecting with a friend from Facebook to see their activity. By linking the two accounts, you can easily find your Facebook friends on Spotify Here we step-by-step discuss How to find friends on Spotify with Facebook.

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Step 01: First, Log into your Facebook account on the device you want to connect (PC,Laptop,Mac or mobile)

Step 02: After then go to the spotify website by visiting or opening the spotify app and selecting “Social Networks” under settings.

Step 03: Once logged into both Facebook and Spotify, you will see a list of your Facebook friends who also have Spotify. Search for the friend you want to find and tap their name when it appears to open their Spotify profile.

Step 04: On their Spotify profile page, you can browse the playlists they’ve made and artists they recently listened to. If you want to follow them, tap “Add Friend” so their activity shows up in your Spotify feed.

How to find someone’s Spotify with their phone number

If you have a phone number, you can use it to easily find their Spotify profile. This provides a way to search for Spotify users and solve cases when you don’t know their exact usernames. By following the steps below you’ll be able to look up any friend’s Spotify account quickly using just their phone number.

Step 01: Same above process First, Open a Spotify application on your device.

Step 02: Select the “Find Friend” tab from the bottom navigation menu or click “Add Friends” on the desktop view.

Step 03: Tap “add using phone number“, enter the phone number you want to find, and then click to enter. Spotify will match the number to an account and add them to your friends. You will now see updates when they like any new track or create a playlist.

How to find someone’s Spotify with email

Are you want to find someone’s Spotify via email this step-by-step guide is for you.

Step 01: Open the Spotify app on your PC/laptop/mobile or go to the Spotify official website on your browser.

Step 02: Then click on the search icon on your device.

Step 03: In the search bar type the email address of the person you want to find. Make sure to type the full email address correctly.

Step 04: After filling in the correct email address press the enter button. If any account is associated with this email Spotify automatically shows you.

Step 05: If there is a matching Spotify account, the profile should appear as one of the top search results. click on it and view the profile.

If no profile shows up, either that email is not connected to a Spotify account or the person has not made a profile for public view.

How to find someone’s Spotify through Instagram

How to find someone's Spotify through Instagram
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One reason people love Spotify is its ability to connect with friends and see what they are listening to. You can find your friends’ Spotify profiles through their connected Instagram accounts. This allows you to check out playlists they have created and even gives song recommendations based on what your friends enjoy.

Step 01: Open the Instagram app and go to the profile of the person you want to find on Spotify.

Step 02: Check if the person has mentioned their Spotify name in their Instagram bio or linked to it in any posts. This is usually displayed as @theirspotifyusername.

Step 03: If you found their Spotify handle, copy or remember it.

Step 04: Now Open your Spotify app then go to the search bar and paste the username you obtained from the Instagram app.

Step 05: Hit enter. Their Spotify profile should appear as one of the top results. click on it to view their public Spotify profile and playlists.


Q: How can I find a friend’s Spotify if I only know their Instagram username?

A: Check if their Instagram bio or posts contain their Spotify handle. Search for that Spotify username in the Spotify app.

Q: I found someone’s Instagram but their Spotify isn’t linked. Can I still connect with them?

A: Unfortunately no. Without their Spotify username or profile link, you cannot search for them directly.

Q: I know a phone number. Can I use that to find someone’s private Spotify profile?

A: No, phone number searches only work for public Spotify profiles. To view private profiles, you need their exact Spotify username.

Last Words

In this guide, we covered different methods for searching Spotify profiles, both with a username or alternative contact details. I hope these steps have helped explain how to locate friends and connections on Spotify in a few quick, simple ways.

Please leave a comment below letting me know which search technique worked best for your needs.

Feel free to ask any follow-up questions or provide input on which areas were unclear or challenging to implement.

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