How to Turn Off Videos on Spotify?

How to Turn Off Videos on Spotify

Do you like listening to music or podcasts on Spotify? Sometimes, Spotify plays little videos in the background while you’re enjoying your favorite songs or shows. These videos can use up a lot of your phone’s battery life and internet data. Don’t worry! In this article. I will share with you how to Turn off … Read more

Resolve Spotify’s Frustrating “This Content Not Available” Issue

Quick Fixes for Spotify "This content is not available"

Do you want to listen to your favorite music on Spotify? But when you are searching for your favorite song, artist, or podcast. Spotify shows you a message “This content is not available”. Don’t worry! In this guide, I will provide a comprehensive detail about it. Just follow my step-by-step guide and you will easily … Read more

5 Spotify Easter Eggs You Need to Try

Easter eggs on spotify

Have you ever tried finding secret easter eggs on Spotify? I haven’t either for the longest time. But recently I discovered that Spotify has some cool hidden features that act like fun little easter eggs to enhance your listening experience. So if you haven’t explored Spotify’s easter eggs yet, don’t worry – this actionable guide … Read more

Perfect Spotify Album Cover Requirements

a mobile with spotify application opening and guide Spotify Cover Art Size

Today I am going to show you exactly how much Spotify Cover Art Size. I have been using these same sizes for my Spotify cover last 3 years and it will work properly. So, If you don’t know how much size set for Spotify album cover? Don’t worry! Let’s Jump into this article and unlock … Read more