Top 10 best podcasts on spotify about Money 2024

Are you tired of money stress?

Best finance podcasts teach financial literacy from budgeting to investing in simple episodes.

Relatable hosts share smart money tactics, decode economic forces, and reveal how to secure the bag and build wealth even starting with modest means.

Tune in to empower your personal finances.

So, let’s jump and find which one is best for you.

Best podcasts on spotify about money

Finance podcasts on Spotify offer life-changing guidance on saving and investing money. Previously confused about financial decisions despite a good income, discovering these podcasts provided clear, actionable answers. Now empowered to budget, save, and invest wisely, these podcasts offer expert advice for resolving money issues and gaining financial clarity and control.

#01 The Dave Ramsey Show

The Dave Ramsey Show features host Dave Ramsey giving straightforward money advice to callers. Dave talks in a warm, friendly way that makes personal finance stuff less scary. His main tips are getting out of debt, budgeting wisely, saving up an emergency fund with 3-6 months of expenses, and saving for retirement. Dave gives real examples of people paying off hundreds of thousands in debt. He explains what types of bank accounts to open, how to spend less on groceries and bills, and why putting even $50/month into investments adds up over many years. The show helps anyone get motivated to control their money better.

#02 Planet Money

NPR’s Planet Money brings fun to learning about money topics like inflation, credit cards, jobs, and stocks. Recent 20-minute episodes have explained how buy-now-pay-later services work and the technology trends that could shape the economy. Through easy examples like how barbecue sauces get pricier due to maple syrup costs, the show breaks down bigger forces that impact personal finance. Planet Money makes big ideas simple to grasp for anyone looking to understand money matters better.

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#03 The Luxe Strategist

The Luxe Strategist podcast features former tech worker Cassandra Rose talking to women about negotiating higher pay and finding work they love. Guests share personal stories of landing six-figure dream salaries and top jobs by being brave in interviews, taking the right risks, and knowing their worth. The friendly advice gives women financial confidence to earn more and save/invest more money too. Episodes tackle other money subjects like side hustles, budgeting with roommates, and avoiding shopping addictions.

#04 Popcorn Finance

Co-hosts Maggie Germano and Erin Lowry explain personal finance with humor on Popcorn Finance. In 15-20 minutes, Maggie and Erin simplify topics like building emergency funds, guides to banking, managing debt, and basic investing for beginners. Their conversational style makes money management way less boring for people just starting out. And they always focus on real-life practical tips anyone can put into action immediately.

#05 Financial Feminist

Host Tori Dunlap encourages women to take control of their money and find career fulfillment on Financial Feminist. Tori advises on budgeting, paying off student loans quickly, negotiating raises, and investing in stocks even with modest income through apps. She keeps episodes empowering, judgment-free, and focused on achievable financial wins for women in their 20s-40s. Listeners gain motivation to have honest money talks with spouses, ask parents about their financial histories, and create their definitions of professional success.

#06 The Rachel Cruze Show

Dave Ramsey’s daughter Rachel Cruze blends personal stories with positive money lessons on her show. She cheerleads listeners tackling debt or trying to save for vacations and homes as she describes her own experiences paying student loans and budgeting as a newlywed. Rachel responds to listener voicemails with compassion and tips that make finances less stressful, whether you’re a single mom or a dual-income couple navigating bills and saving goals together.

#07 The Side Hustle Show

For those interested in earning extra cash, host Nick Loper interviews regular people about unique ways they’ve made $1,000+ per month from side hustles. Recent examples include everything from launching online boutiques to becoming personal chefs, YouTube creators, Airbnb hosts, bloggers, founders of pet-sitting services, and more. The low-pressure conversations focus on actionable tips for turning hobbies into consistent profit.

#08 Her First $100K

Host Tori Dunlap (from Financial Feminist) offers a separate podcast just providing women with step-by-step advice for earning their first $100K annually. She spotlights guest stories and strategies focused specifically on launching online businesses, monetizing social media followings, maximizing LinkedIn networking, opening Etsy shops, investing profits, and otherwise capitalizing on assets. Tori makes reaching this salary milestone feel fun and attainable.

#09 The Money Guy Show

Co-hosts Brian Preston and Bo Hanson simplify financial planning for retirement, college savings, insurance, homebuying, budgeting, and more on their popular show. Recent plain-talk episodes have compared different types of mortgages, analyzed trends in side hustle income, and broken down how much listeners should have already saved at every age. Their frank guidance helps audiences make the smartest money moves.

#10 Money Tree Investing

Host Victoria Rutherford talks to everyday investors about stocks, real estate, and building wealth over time without requiring huge upfront capital. Victoria shares resources and asks smart questions about Understanding risk tolerance, picking properties, evaluating companies to invest in, knowing when to sell assets, and other topics new investors should grasp before getting started.


What is a finance podcast?

A finance podcast features episodes focused on providing advice, education, ideas, perspectives, and commentary related to money and personal finances through conversations, interviews, reporting, and storytelling.

Why listen to financial podcasts?

Listening to financial podcasts is an easy, convenient way to gain financial literacy, learn money best practices, find motivation/inspiration, and hear from top experts in a digestible audio format during everyday activities.

Why podcast is better than reading?

Podcasts allow learning by listening on the go versus sitting to read, can express concepts conversationally, are easily absorbed during tasks, and feel like learning from a friend rather than studying textbooks.

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