Best podcasts on spotify for Students 2024

Are you a kid going into middle school or just an older student feeling stressed about growing up? Learning is hard enough without all the other changes going on.

The good news is there are some cool new podcasts on Spotify made just for you.

These talk shows tackle the big and little things students face – from dealing with bad grades to picking fun electives to getting zits before the big dance.

The hosts keep it really real and fun too.

Best podcasts for high school students on spotify

  • NPR’s How I Built This – Interesting interviews with entrepreneurs and innovators about how they built their companies. Inspiring stories.
  • Stuff You Should Know – Covers a wide variety of topics from science to history to pop culture. Entertaining and educational.
  • TED Talks Daily – Interesting ideas and stories from TED speakers. Thought-provoking talks on education, technology, business, science, and more.
  • The Dropout – A gripping story podcast about the rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes and her company Theranos. A fascinating look at ethics and ambition.
  • Revisionist History – Malcolm Gladwell analyzes and reinterprets past events, from civil rights history to golf course design. Surprising perspectives.
  • On Being – Interviews by Krista Tippett on the big questions of meaning, purpose, and ethics. Philosophical discussions.
  • Science Vs – Debates current controversial topics in science and health. Teaches critical thinking skills.
  • Code Switch – Insightful stories about race and identity in society today. Important conversations.

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Best podcasts on spotify for college students

  • The College Info Geek Podcast – Advice on academics, reading habits, productivity, and life skills for college success.
  • On Being – Meaningful discussions about purpose, ethics, and the big questions in life with Krista Tippett.
  • The Paycheck – Career advice and guidance on how to earn, negotiate your salary and manage money after graduation.
  • 10% Happier with Dan Harris – Meditation, mindfulness, and improving mental health/well-being. Helpful life skills.
  • The Dropout – A gripping story podcast following the rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes’ biotech startup Theranos. Teaches skepticism and critical thinking.
  • Planet Money – Interesting stories explaining global economics and business.
  • Hidden Brain – Reveals psychology and science behind human behavior relating to everyday life. Boost emotional intelligence.

Best study podcasts on spotify

  • Study Music and Focus Music – Instrumental electronic mixes to improve concentration over long study sessions. No lyrics to distract you.
  • The Learning Scientists Podcast – Cognitive psychologists share evidence-based studying techniques like interleaving, retrieval practice, and spaced repetition.
  • Sharp Student – 10-15 minute episodes with science-backed advice on study habits, note taking, reading strategies, test prep, and beating procrastination.
  • SiriusXM Focus Reading Radio – Calming music and ambient tones designed to hold your attention while reading textbooks or articles.
  • Mission to Zyxx – This sci-fi story podcast blends entertainment and education. It’s light and engaging enough for passive listening while studying.
  • The Productivity Show – Tips for better time management, organization, and prioritization to get more schoolwork done successfully.
  • Calming White Noise – Mixes of steady, neutral sounds like rain, waves, or wind to improve focus while studying. Blocks distracting noises.

Best college football podcasts on spotify

  • The Solid Verbal: Living College Football – Entertaining, informative college football conversation and analysis with a humorous bent. One of the most popular programs.
  • The Andy Staples Show – Solid twice-a-week breakdowns of the latest news, insights, and storylines by The Athletic’s lead college football writer.
  • AP Top 25 College Football Podcast – Weekly show hosted by the Associated Press poll voters, with poll analysis and interviews.
  • Shutdown Fullcast – An irreverent, funny, and unique weekly look at the latest college football action with some very creative and quirky segments.
  • The Audible with Bruce Feldman – Smart commentary and interviews with some of the biggest names in the sport by The Athletic’s Bruce Feldman.
  • Cover 3 College Football Podcast – CBS Sports offers detailed coverage of games, betting angles, highlights, and predictions.
  • The Jerry Palm Show – CBS Sports bracketology expert keeps fans updated on the playoff rankings and bowl projections.
  • 247 Sports College Football Daily – Breaking recruitment news and search for the next coaching hire drama. Focuses on player personnel moves.


It depends on your interests! Try “The Daily” for news, “Stuff You Should Know” for general knowledge, or “The Minimalists” for lifestyle tips. Search to find ones on your favorite topics.

It can be helpful to listen to instrumental or focus music podcasts while studying. Podcasts with words can be too distracting from retaining information.

It depends – podcasts with stories or banter can pull your attention away while studying. But instrumental mixes without words can provide useful background noise to stay focused.

Yes! Listening to educational or intellectual podcasts engages your brain, grows your knowledge, and can build helpful critical thinking skills in all areas of life. But be wary of distractions.

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