Top 11 best podcasts on spotify about mental health

Facing stress or feeling down? You’re not alone. Discover a mental health survival guide through spotify podcasts.

Friendly hosts share personal stories, offering insights and scientifically backed coping methods.

Learn valuable skills like emotional awareness, communication, and relaxation techniques. Experts provide wisdom in a judgment-free space, helping you navigate challenges and find inner peace.

Podcasts for mental health professionals On spotify

  • The Psych Files – Host Dr. Michael Britt who teaches psychology talks about scientific studies in a very friendly way to help therapists better understand patients and give good advice. He shares cool facts about why our brains work in unique ways and how counselors can teach skills for healthier thinking.
  • The Trauma Therapist Project – Guy Macpherson helps therapists better treat patients dealing with painful life events current or in the past. He gives research facts and ideas for therapies using creativity like art, yoga, writing. This helps people of all ages find relief if sad or angry inside.
  • Speaking of Psychology – Leading psychology professors and experts use this podcast to discuss their latest studies. Easy explanations cover new research on reasons behind our behaviors, habits, feelings and relationships. This teaches therapists cutting-edge concepts to help more clients.
  • The Shrink Next Door – Hosts Dr. David Puder and Dr. Dulcelina Elena chat with fellow psychologists about improving patient visits. They share best ways to listen closely, ask thoughtful questions, have people open up quickly, carefully diagnose issues, customize treatment plans and measure progress. Real-life examples make advice simple to follow.
  • Creating Connections – Child and teen counselor Dr. Deborah Seranicommunicates clearly how to bond with younger patients struggling with today’s peer pressures and sources of distress like social media. She suggests fun activities, games, writing assignments and discussion techniques to gain kids’ trust.
  • Behind the Scenes: A Therapist’s Insights – Maggie Meyers breaks down therapy basics from body language tips to minimal responses that encourage patients to keep sharing. She also reviews skills counselors must have like cultural awareness, crisis training, handling denial and more using easy examples.
  • Nutrition for Clinicians – Host Dr. Julie Foucher educates therapists about the strong evidence linking food, lifestyle behaviors, and mental wellbeing. She spotlights actionable nutrition-related recommendations to share with patients. Guidance covers meal planning for common issues like anxiety, ADHD, eating disorders plus discussions with experts on medicinal uses of foods and supplements that counteract depressed moods.
  • Dear Therapists – Julie Hanks and Rebecca Gladding team up to answer listener questions with compassionate, ethical advice. Recent dilemmas they’ve unpacked provide insights into setting boundaries with needy patients, balancing work-from-home distractions, carefully building private practice reputations, pushing past imposter syndrome as newer therapists and more. Their thoughtful reflections help fellow professionals progress.
  • The EMDR Podcast – Creator Jamie Marich interweaves personal journey references with detailed guidance around EMDR and somatic therapy. Besides the clinical benefits of EMDR for trauma and PTSD, episodes tackle self-regulation skills counselors should develop themselves to manage countertransference, set positive intentions, deal with grief and release negative energies from work stresses.
  • AmeriCare Counseling Podcast – Industry veteran Elliott Connie turns his sessions with prominent social workers, psychologists and addiction experts into mentorship for early career mental health workers. He focuses his friendly Q&As on building Nelflix-style therapy practices, getting licensed, selecting healing modalities, insurance rules, ethical dilemmas, best apps and workbooks.
  • Full PreFrontal – Clinical psychologist Dr. Suzie Burke breaks down complex studies from neuroscience and psychology publications into understandable takeaways within her goal of bridging the research to reality gap. She discusses the science behind thoughts, feelings and behaviors in an uplifting way. Recent analysis episodes have explored the positives of oversharing personality traits, effectiveness of different therapies like CBT versus humanistic approaches, evolutionary roles of anxiety and more.


Why are mental health podcasts useful for therapists and counselors?

Mental health podcasts help therapists expand knowledge, stay updated on new studies, get advice around best practices with patients, and avoid burnout through learning self-care tools.

How do podcasts compare to other ways that therapists develop skills?

Podcasts provide more convenient, portable and engaging professional development than textbooks or lectures. The audio format also conveys emotion better than clinical literature.

What mental health topics are covered in top podcasts for therapists?

Leading shows discuss new research, clinical approaches by issues, building therapist-patient rapport, emerging diagnoses, techniques for kids, trauma, self-improvement, ethics, private practice management and more.

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