Top 10 best podcasts on spotify for Self-improvement 2024

Do you want to find the best podcasts on spotify for self-improvement 2024? Spotify has good podcasts to help you be happier and do better. The hosts talk about how to make good habits and feel less stressed.

Some podcasts share stories and tips from science to help you. They teach you to focus, be kind to others, and not worry too much.

Listen to these podcasts when driving or waiting somewhere. They give you smart ideas in a fun way. With Spotify, you can get great tips to feel good and improve.

Top 10 best podcasts on spotify for self-improvement

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The Happiness Lab provides accessible, science-based insights into what truly creates happiness and contentment. Host Dr. Laurie Santos draws from her expertise as a psychology professor to reveal conflicting research on happiness. Rather than claiming quick fixes, she focuses on equipping listeners with strategies designed for daily flourishing. By unlocking the way our brain works, Dr. Santos helps reshape our mindsets and habits.

She explores data about gratitude, failure, perfectionism, priorities, and more to promote healthy attitudes and decision-making. Woven between the research and empirical findings are relevant stories and key points. The Happiness Lab inspires listeners to nurture small life changes over time. Whether it’s learning to redirect frustrating thoughts or practicing self-compassion, the podcast takes us to life’s most essential discovery – how to create lasting happiness from within.

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The Ground Up Show focuses on lifestyle changes that reduce overwhelm and increase mindfulness. Host Matt D’Avella shares his journey to simplicity, productivity, and wellness. Along with insightful guests and research, he highlights additional steps for focus, organization, and intentional living. Whether it’s physical decluttering, digital minimalism, goal setting, or energy management, Matt meets audiences where they are.

He offers motivation and ways to adopt slow, realistic habits. These small changes add up to peace of mind. By being intentional about fine-tuning priorities, we make room for the things that matter. Tune into The Ground Up Show for inspiration, planning tips, and mindfulness practices. Matt guides us to cultivate self-care and fulfillment—not through dramatic changes, but through slow, purposeful, and sustainable change cultivated from the ground up.

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On Unlocking Us, renowned author Brené Brown offers insights on human connection gained from over 20 years of research. In candid conversations with diverse guests, she explores meaningful topics including kindness, vulnerability, shame, empathy, gratitude, grief, and more. Rather than quick fixes, Brené focuses on personal stories and wisdom that help us become the best version of ourselves.

There are practicable takeaways for improving relationships, parenting consciously, unlocking creativity through courage, having difficult conversations, setting boundaries, and overcoming failures. Listeners feel heard, understood, and equipped to connect with their partners, kids, colleagues, and communities at a deeper level. Unlocking Us delivers warmth, wit, and ways to stay hopeful while traversing this beautiful, bumpy journey called life alongside fellow travelers.

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At The School of Greatness, host Lewis Howes interviews world-class performers about their definitions and habits of success. From entrepreneurs, athletes, and artists to scientists, authors, and beyond, Lewis extracts their daily rituals, practices, and beliefs that propel remarkable output. What emerges is a playbook of lifestyle tools and mindsets for thriving physically, mentally, and spiritually.

The diverse guests provide inspiration and actionable advice on fitness, nutrition, creative pursuits, career development, stepping outside one’s comfort zone, and contributing to the greater good. With over 500 episodes summarizing the wisdom of greatness, Lewis helps ordinary folks implement small changes for huge payoffs in their daily drive toward excellence.

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Dr. Rangan Chatterjee, a pioneer in the emerging field of progressive medicine, shares evidence-based methods for boosting energy and becoming happier and healthier on his podcast, Feel Better Live More. With his unique 4 Pillar framework focusing on food, relaxation, sleep, and movement, Rangan addresses the root causes behind the rise in physical ailments and mental health issues to prevent illness at its onset.

By helping reframe our relationship with food, manage stress smartly, improve sleep quality, and make exercise enjoyable, Rangan guides us away from burnout towards vital living. With a doctor’s diagnosing skills and storyteller’s demeanor, he makes integrative health feel simple, practical, and – above all – achievable.

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On Mindset Mentor, host Rob Dial helps listeners upgrade their mindsets for confidence, self-worth, and achieving goals. Acknowledging most people’s daily mental struggles with negativity, fear, or scarcity, Rob spotlights how our thinking shapes our reality.

By focusing on abundance, purposeful action, and controlling reactions, we can reduce anxiety and unlock our potential. Featuring impactful guests like Jay Shetty and Gabby Bernstein, the podcast delves into building self-belief, constructive habits, mindfulness, self-acceptance and more using science-backed insights, storytelling, and practical tips.

Listeners are empowered to rewire thinking traps while fostering uplifting personal growth. They walk away motivated to boldly pursue dreams by first winning the inner game through mental fitness.

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On Purpose, podcast host Jay Shetty captivates listeners with personal tales of overcoming obstacles and finding fulfillment by ultimately connecting to something greater than oneself. As a former monk turned award-winning storyteller, he unlocked his calling by leaving behind a defined path for inner exploration – an unconventional decision that paradoxically revealed his purpose.

Jay applies philosophical insights he gained living in ashrams for years – alongside lessons from leading experts today – towards resolving cultural dilemmas and guiding listeners to live more conscious, compassionate, and connected lives despite modern anxieties.

While reflecting on the timeless question “Who am I and what is my purpose?”, Jay shares how we transcend our smaller selves by uplifting others towards recognizing our shared humanity.

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With contagious enthusiasm, Marie Forleo makes creating an epic life you love seem fun and achievable. On The Marie Forleo Podcast, she tackles elevating every area of life – from passion and productivity to health, finances, and relationships. Marie draws candidly from her early days bootstrapping a business as a broke teen immigrant to becoming a self-made multi-millionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist today.

Blending personal stories and advice from top performers, she empowers listeners with tools to overcome limiting beliefs, boost creativity, amplify impact through authentic marketing, and match an empowering mindset with meaningful actions day by day.

Listeners leave fired up to bravely improve their business and banish overwhelm as they build resilience. Most of all, Marie springs us to live – and give – with zeal by inspiring lasting change from the inside out.

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Scott Smith meets rushed modern listeners where they are on The Daily Boost, delivering bite-sized bursts of wisdom and motivation for positivity and productivity every weekday. From thought-provoking reflections to self-care tips, each under-10-minute episode provides quick insights to brighten your outlook.

Scott tackles gratitude and grace, mindfully responding versus reacting, the gifts of enoughness, exercising emotional intelligence, showing up authentically, and more. Listen during brief pockets as you commute and prep breakfast.

Let Scott’s mix of humor, and compassion along with the occasional pep talk propel your purpose forward. Walk away happier, intentional, and boosted from The Daily Boost’s potent, evergreen pick-me-ups frothing with inspiration to fuel focused action.

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Melissa Monte, a master certified life coach, designs her podcast to support multidimensional living for ambitious women juggling personal growth alongside careers, relationships, and running households. Blending spirituality with strategy, Melissa guides us to honor our minds, bodies, and souls while making our unique imprint.

She spotlights mindset shifts around self-trust, finances, parenting, health, and evolving gracefully. With intimate conversations, wisdom traditions, and pragmatic tools, we grow our consciousness to surpass expectations we placed on ourselves and that others project onto us as wives, mothers, and creatives.

Here, personal development never sacrifices living skillfully to our values. Melissa empowers us to define success on our terms so we can uphold boundaries around energy, time, and dreams as we serve family without losing our sense of self.


Self-improvement podcasts provide a convenient way to gain insights about personal growth. Listening during spare moments can spark new perspectives that enhance confidence, relationships, productivity, and purpose.

A self-help podcast focuses on practical tips for taking care of mental health, feeling happier, setting goals, building good habits, and believing in oneself. The hosts share their journeys alongside wisdom from experts.

Spotify has excellently curated podcast lists like Health & Fitness, Motivation, Education and Self-Improvement. Browse featured shows or search keywords like “happiness,” “productivity,” “self-esteem” and “personal growth” to find favorites.

Yes, many podcasts address issues like stress, anxiety, focus, fulfillment, and more by teaching coping methods, mindset shifts, emotional skills, and self-care.

Podcasts can provide a sense of connection, community, and inspiration during lonely times. Upbeat shows focused on development often feature intimate first-person stories that comfort.

Informative podcasts can teach anything from history to science, meditation techniques, social skills, healthy recipes, and beyond through engaging storytelling on any topic imaginable.

Podcasts from confident experts who share personal stories build belief in yourself. Shows covering mindfulness, resilience, self-acceptance, meeting goals, and handling fears boost self-assurance.

These top Spotify podcasts deliver accessible insights from experts to grow in life and work. Whether it’s happiness, health, productivity, or relationships, hosts share research and stories so listeners understand themselves better. Putting even a couple of tips per show into practice with patience builds self-confidence. Soon small, sustainable changes sparked from a passion to learn compound, reducing overwhelm. The path to fulfillment opens by consistently applying wisdom from those pioneering inner excellence. Tune into motivation and mindfulness – transformation emerges through steady self-improvement.

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