How do you become a Spotify artist (100% Free)

Getting your music on Spotify is easier than ever. Spotify welcomes all artists – major label or independent. The platform makes it simple to upload your tracks and get them heard by millions of potential fans.

All you need to get started is to create an official artist profile and have your music ready to go. Spotify will distribute your songs worldwide and make them discoverable in things like playlists, radio stations, and through searches.

As an artist, you’ll also gain access to valuable analytics to understand who’s listening. And you can learn more about promoting your music to turn casual listeners into dedicated fans.

Joining Spotify connects you to one of the world’s largest music streaming platforms. Best of all – it’s completely free to post your music. So what are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to become a Spotify artist.

How do you become a Spotify artist

  • Create an Artist Profile
  • Go to and sign up for a Spotify for Artists account using your artist name. This will be your verified artist profile that fans can follow.
  • Upload Your Music
  • Using Spotify’s tool Spotify for Artists or an audio distribution platform like Distrokid or TuneCore, upload your fully mastered tracks and album artwork that meet Spotify’s technical specifications.
  • Fill Out Your Profile Details
  • Add an artist photo, bio info, your social media handles, website links, etc. so your profile properly represents your artist brand and identity to fans.
  • Claim Your Artist Profile
  • Connect your Spotify artist account to your social media channels and online profiles so you can get verified and claim ownership of your catalog on Spotify.
  • Engage With Listeners
  • Use Spotify’s analytics in Spotify for Artists to understand your audience. Study your most popular songs, top listening cities, age groups, and more so you can focus your marketing or touring efforts.
  • Promote Your Music
  • Use Spotify features like Canvas to create short video loops to better visually market new song releases. Share your Spotify link across websites, emails, and social media posts. Pitch playlists for inclusion opportunities. Offer exclusives or song premieres on the platform.

By completing all the steps to properly establish your artist presence on Spotify, you can tap into all the platform’s promotional capabilities and turn casual fans into loyal listeners who support your musical career. Maintaining an active, updated Spotify artist profile is crucial for success in today’s streaming-centric music industry!

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How to become a verified Spotify artist

In this guide we will show you how to become a verified Spotify artist just follow this guide.

  • Create a Spotify Artist Account
  • Go to the Spotify for Artists dashboard and click “Get Started” to create your artist account. Use the real artist name that you release music under.
  • Upload Your Music
  • Upload your tracks through a music distributor like Distrokid, CD Baby, or TuneCore to get your songs live on Spotify under your artist name.
  • Claim Your Artist Profile
  • In Spotify for Artists, head to the profile settings. Here you can connect your active social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter. Verifying that you also own and post from those accounts helps confirm you are a legitimate artist.
  • Get a Verified Checkmark
  • Request a verified checkmark for your artist profile. You’ll need to show you have an existing web presence, national publications about you, and proof of the artist’s name with official legal documents.
  • Engage Your New Fans
  • Start posting content to your verified profile page announcing new music, behind-the-scenes footage, tour dates, merch, and more to boost your followers and listener base with this credibility boost.

Becoming a verified Spotify artist signals to fans, playlist curators, and the music industry that you are the real, authentic profile they can support. The verified check gives you an edge over imitation accounts and helps further your music career. So take the steps to request that coveted verification from Spotify!

How to become an artists top fan on Spotify

How to become an artists top fan on spotify
Picture Credit: Spotify E Guide
  • Listen to their music obsessively – Stream their songs and albums on repeat as much as possible. The more streams from your account, the bigger of a fan Spotify’s algorithms will think you are.
  • Follow the artist – Make sure you follow them on their artist profile page so your account activity is associated with being a fan.
  • Like songs & albums – Don’t just play tracks, but remember to actively “Like” them as well so they get added to your Spotify library.
  • Add songs to playlists – Create dedicated playlists featuring your favorite artist and add their discography frequently. Name playlists after the artist so it’s obvious who your top choice is.
  • See them live – If they’re on tour, make an effort to buy tickets and attend multiple shows. Interact with the artist on social media about the concerts so your fandom is apparent.
  • Share with friends – Exposure is key, so be vocal on social media and in real life about your undisputed favorite artist to show how dedicated you are.

By actively streaming, liking, playlisting, and engaging with your top artist as much as possible on Spotify, their systems and algorithms will start catching on to your fanatic listening patterns and associate your account identity with being one of their biggest fans! Let your listening behavior do the talking.

How much does it cost to become an artist on Spotify

Becoming an artist on Spotify is completely free – there are no upfront costs associated with getting your music uploaded to the platform and claiming your official artist profile.

The way Spotify works is that artists deliver their audio recordings to a digital music distributor (for example CD Baby, TuneCore, Distrokid etc.). These distributors then deliver the music to Spotify and other streaming platforms and digital stores for global distribution.

Most distributors charge an annual fee and/or keep a percentage of any streaming royalties earned. But the distributors handle all uploads, metadata tagging, royalty collections and payments back to artists each month.

So while there are percentage fees associated with distribution and royalty payouts, there is no cost an artist must pay directly to Spotify to create their profile and get songs distributed to Spotify listeners around the world.

The key costs for artists related to Spotify include:

  • Distribution percentages (can be 10-30% of royalties)
  • Recording and album production
  • Cover artwork graphic design
  • Marketing and promotional efforts

However, Spotify does not demand any payment for access to the platform. Distribution deals and the way streaming royalties work mean artists don’t have to pay Spotify directly. The access to Spotify is free. This makes it very easy for DIY indie artists to get their music heard globally via Spotify playlists and share driving streams.


Q: Do I need record label support to get my music on Spotify?

A: No. Spotify allows all artists to upload music without needing label support. You simply need to use an aggregator like CD Baby or DistroKid to upload tracks to Spotify and collect royalties afterward. This ease of access allows independent DIY artists to share music directly with fans.

Q: Can I choose to only distribute my music on Spotify and not other platforms?

A: Typically no. Digital aggregators distribute tracks across all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and others. However, some aggregators like Amuse allow artists more control over releasing tracks to specific platforms first. But most will send music across various popular streamers all at once.

Q: Does Spotify pay me streaming royalties directly?

A: No. Your distribution partner collects all streaming royalty earnings from across streaming platforms and pays out your accumulated royalties on a recurring schedule outlined in your contract. So for example CD Baby may pay accrued royalties monthly or quarterly. Spotify royalties are bundled with other streaming platforms.

Last Words

Getting your music on Spotify lets lots of people hear your songs. It helps you get more fans.

Putting your music on Spotify is easy and free. You just need your recorded songs and a service that will upload them. Then Spotify shows your songs to people all around the world!

After your music is added, you can claim your official artist profile page. This is like your musical home on Spotify.

Your artist profile lets you see what countries your fans live in. And you learn what songs they listen to the most. It’s really neat!

Spotify helps you do fun things too. You can add song lyrics or videos. Plus it’s easy to tell your new fans when you release more music.

So if you make music, ask a parent to help you be a Spotify artist. It takes just a few simple steps. Then so many fans can find and follow you because you’re on Spotify. It’s an exciting place to share your songs.

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