Top 15 Best Biography Podcasts on Spotify 2024

Do you ever wonder what famous people were like when they were kids? Or how they got their big breaks?

Spotify has some fun biography podcasts that let you dive into the lives of celebs and history makers.

So if you want to hear amazing life stories of famous figures, check out this list of cool biography podcasts on Spotify.

You’ll probably learn some secrets that will really surprise your friends!

Best Biography Podcasts on Spotify

#01 Oprah Winfrey Podcast:

If you want to hear amazing stories from megastars, check out Oprah’s podcast. She talks to actors, musicians, athletes – even former presidents. Guests chat about childhood struggles, career challenges, and life lessons they’ve learned. Oprah asks good questions to pull out never-before-heard tales. In one episode, Lady Gaga opens up about getting bullied in middle school for dressing “too wild.” The two laugh about silly Gaga stories from back in the day. This podcast lets you connect with some of the world’s biggest names.

#02 Story Behind the Big Hits

Ever wonder about the wild adventures music superstars went through on their rise to fame? This music podcast takes you behind the scenes to reveal funny or messy moments tied to hit songs. Find out which Grammy-winning artist got dumped right before writing an epic breakup anthem! Or what country band almost got arrested joking around with police on the way to their first big show. With insider interviews and crazy stories, this podcast gives the inside scoop other shows don’t reveal.

#03 Icons Unearthed

This podcast discovers untold stories of history’s most famous figures. One fascinating episode focuses on Amelia Earhart’s early flying days. As a kid, she built crazy homemade sleds and even constructed a motorbike out of scrap metal parts! Her rebellious childhood adventures showed she was never afraid to take risks. The episode then explores surprising details about her around-the-world trip where she went missing. This podcast highlights little-known parts of big icons’ origin journeys.

#04 Rise to Stardom: The NBA Dynasty Series

Get the backstory on iconic basketball dynasties with this sports podcast. Using recent interviews, it reveals the key moments that shaped superstar players’ paths in the NBA. Listen to draft combine stories of future hall-of-famers bombing badly early on. Then hear how strong mentors and tireless work ethics during childhood set the foundation for greatness. With insights even hardcore fans don’t know, this podcast offers an all-access pass into the making of basketball legends.

#05 Unheard Voices of Change

We all know names like Rosa Parks and Susan B. Anthony who sparked social change movements. But what about the everyday people alongside them who helped fuel justice and equality? This podcast uncovers the overlooked stories of those who stood up and spoke out to change the course of history. One episode shares the tale of Daisy Bates, who as a girl wrote a letter exposing unequal conditions between white and black schools. This sparked a community movement for fair education and led to her pivotal civil rights leadership years later. By spotlighting untold stories, this show takes you behind the headline events into the unheard voices of change.

#06 Behind the Fame: Sports Superstars

Get the inside scoop on the wild journeys of sports legends with this podcast. One episode reveals the intense practice rituals of famous Olympians. Like how Gold medalist swimmer Michael Phelps trained under water until he practically fainted! They also dish on epic failure moments pro athletes endured before their big breaks. Like championship QB Tom Brady getting passed over in the NFL draft by all the worst teams! With crazy stories even mega fans don’t know, this show takes you into the adventures that forged elite athletes.

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#07 Trailblazers: Women Who Changed History

This girl power podcast uncovers the barrier-breaking women history books seem to skip over. They spotlight little-known stories of gals who pushed past “a woman can’t do that” attitudes. Like Nellie Bly who raced around the globe faster than any man to become a don’t-mess-with-me journalist legend. Or 800s pirate queen Grace O’Malley who commanded a whole fleet of ships. From rule-breaking royalty to brave activists, these tales reveal the grit and moxie of history’s fiercest females.

#08 Humans Being Amazing

Get inspired by this podcast that highlights heroic people who transformed communities. One episode explores everyday teen Zachary who organized food drives providing over a million meals for the needy in his town. Another shares the tale of Cleo who rallied neighborhood volunteers to rebuild rundown parks so all kids could play safely. Not famous activists, these folks saw problems and united people to create lasting change. Their empowering stories prove you don’t have to be rich or a celebrity to be a hero.

#09 Leaders Uncovered: Power Profiles

Dive into the lives of world-changing leaders with this podcast. It reveals defining moments that molded great thinkers and statesmen. Like the professor who discovered a young Barack Obama’s writings in college and said his skills could make him the future president. Or Nobel prize winner Malala Yousafzai bravely blogging for girls’ education at 11 years old after the Taliban took over her town. With insight on their early influences and accomplishments, this show explores the origins of renowned changemakers.

#10 Creative Kids to Iconic Innovators

Curious how business trailblazers and inventors got their entrepreneurial start? This podcast explores famous founders as imaginative youngsters. See how Walt Disney turned his childhood barn into a little DIY movie studio after school. And find out how tech titan Bill Gates created his first computer program as a teen to beat his whole high school’s scorekeeping system. With fun stories about their earliest ventures, this show profiles how curious kid creators grew into game-changing innovators.

#11 Icons in the Making: Next Gen Trailblazers

Get the scoop on tomorrow’s icons with this podcast profiling impressive kids already making their mark. Meet science phenom Samantha who invented a device at age 11 detecting contaminants in water better than lab tech. Then hear Syrian refugee Farah’s tale of starting a girls’ coding school from a refugee camp. Through their astonishing accomplishments, these pint-sized game-changers prove you’re never too young to shake up the world. This uplifting show reveals the next generation’s inspiring movers and shakers.

#12 Scene of the Crime: Famous Investigations

Go inside history’s most gripping detective stories following genius sleuths. One episode explores clever codebreaking that foiled spy plots and took down mob kingpins. Another follows the forensic science hunting cold-blooded killers in shocking murder cases. And you’ll hear little-known tales of crime-fighting kids who helped crack tough cases. This show takes you right to the tense crime scene action alongside brilliant crime busters and their high-stake investigations.

#13 Oddity Archive: Weird Histories Revealed

From mega-monuments to bizarre inventions, this show dives into history’s strangest tales. Hear how ancient Egyptians built towering pyramids glistening in gold. Then the wacky episode explores Victorians creating insane mechanical housemaids that went haywire! With wild real-life stories of curious artifacts and madcap schemes, this podcast colorfully shows the past was far freakier than textbooks let on.

#14 Rags to Icons: Underdog Legends

Everyone loves an underdog, and this podcast tells the greatest come-from-behind stories ever. Listen to how billionaire John D. Rockefeller was dirt poor as a kid before revolutionizing the oil biz. Then hear how sports great Serena Williams first started playing tennis with a beat-up grocery cart as a net. With humorous takes on the early pitfalls these icons faced, this show proves triumph is sweeter when the odds are stacked against you.

#15 Genius Biographies for Kids

Make genius famous minds totally relatable with this entertaining podcast. Get the awkward growing pains of great thinkers, like Einstein failing math as a kid. Hear how pioneering inventor Hedy Lamarr was a mega movie star who still got detention for silly pranks. With funny childhood moments of history’s intellectual giants, these fast stories make big brains more friend than foe for budding smarty-pants.


What is the best biography podcast for music fans?

A: Story Behind the Big Hits gives the inside scoop on famous musicians’ wild adventures rising to fame.

Which podcast features amazing kids already changing the world?

A: Icons in the Making profiles pint-sized inventors, activists, and prodigy phenomena.

Where can I hear funny stories about genius famous minds as children?

A: Genius Biographies for Kids reveals awkward and hilarious childhood moments of historic intellectuals.

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