Top 20 best crime podcasts on spotify 2024

Do you like solving mysteries?

What about learning how the police catch bad guys who break the law?

Then you’ll love these best true crime podcasts on spotify!

We picked the 20 very best shows that tell crazy but true stories about robberies, kidnappings, and other crimes.

Top 20 best crime podcasts on spotify

#01 Casefile

If you want to hear about some of the strangest and most intense real-life crimes out there, then you need to check out Casefile. This documentary-style podcast is super popular for how the unknown host dives deep into the tiny details of unsolved cases and solves mysteries from all over the world.

Recent crazy cases include a scary 2015 incident where a man broke into an Australian woman’s apartment and did bad things. Using 911 calls and police records, Casefile guides us through how detectives worked to identify this monster attacker. We also follow a 2017 murder in India involving a Twitter relationship gone wrong. With eerie music playing, the host walks us step-by-step through the investigation into this cyber scheme turned deadly.

#02 Criminology

This podcast interviews experts to deep dive into infamous cases like the Zodiac Killer, the Austin Yogurt Shop Murders, and the Mr. Cruel crimes. It presents creepy mysteries in a simplified way for young detectives.

#03 Serial Killers

Scary name, but this show sticks to the facts in exploring what drives lethal criminals like Ted Bundy and the Son of Sam using PG language kids can follow.

#04 Solved Murders

Real detectives detail how they used DNA, surveillance, confessions, and other evidence to close cold cases involving kidnaps, shootings, and other tragic killings.

#05 Female Criminals

From deadly nurses to counterfeit artists to mafia masterminds, this podcast uncovers shocking true stories of women who broke bad in historic times.

#06 The Clearing

In this Peabody Award-winner, a daughter realizes her father might have been the notorious Zodiac serial murderer and digs through old records and clues trying to uncover the truth.

#07 Missing & Murdered

Who Killed Alberta Williams? This Canadian docuseries examines the leads, missteps, and ongoing searches into the cold case of a young Indigenous woman killed in 1989.

#08 Stuff You Missed in History Class

Using historic journals, documents, and expert interviews, this show sheds light on the often overlooked crimes and criminals throughout history in a kid-friendly format.

#09 Park Predators

A creepy but fascinating series focusing on murders, abductions, and other foul deeds haunting America’s national and state park campgrounds, trails, and recreation areas over the years.

#10 Unjust & Unsolved

Investigates wrongful convictions – why innocent people have gone to jail while the true perpetrators remained free, and the battles to clear their names.

#11 Supernatural with Ashley Flowers

Uses voice actors to dramatize the creepiest true crime cases involving ghosts, psychic visions, exorcisms, voodoo, and other unexplained elements while keeping things PG.

#12 Crime Junkie

Two women chat about mysterious murders, questionable convictions, robberies gone wrong, missing person cases, and other head-scratching crimes in a way that hooks pre-teen puzzle lovers.

#13 Morbid:

Close friends Alaina and Ash walk through famous scenes of death, from the terrifying 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire to the 2015 Charleston church shooting, analyzing details child detectives miss elsewhere.

#14 Red Collar

In white-collar crime, bad guys aren’t always hardened killers. This documentary-style show reveals shocking true stories of doctors, lawyers, politicians, and CEOs brought down by greed and corruption.

#15 Caught

Explores unbelievable tales of escaped convicts, prison breaks, and getaway drivers who evaded capture for years before the long arm of the law eventually caught up through brilliant police persistence.

#16 The Deck

Each drama-filled episode starts with the discovery of a new dead body and then launches into the twists of deception, money schemes, secret identities, and escalating crimes behind the supposed “accident” using 911 calls and such.

#17 Hide and Seek

Two Australian journalists reopen cold cases abandoned by police and thought to be unsolvable, revealing the missed clues and overlooked witnesses that could lead to justice for forgotten victims.

#18 Unsolved Murders

Using coroner reports, court transcripts, old news articles, and insider interviews, this documentary series pursues answers in long-inactive cases involving mysterious deaths, uncertain motives, and shaky alibis.

#19 Killer Psyche

Explores the warped mindsets behind heinous acts using psychological assessment while avoiding graphic details, asking why ordinary people turn violent, prey on victims, plan vicious plots, or develop dark alter egos.

#20 Swindled

Exposes outrageous scams both historic and recent in an entertaining storytelling style kids love, covering clever schemers, dirty deals, stolen fortunes, and the tenacious sleuths who brought crooked crooks to account.

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What is the number one true-crime podcast on Spotify?

The #1 true-crime podcast on Spotify is currently Crime Junkie, hosted by childhood friends Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat. With over 24 million monthly downloads, their rapid-fire, chatty back-and-forth style has made Crime Junkie the most listened-to Spotify original true crime show.

What is the #1 rated true crime podcast?

Based on over 300,000 user ratings, Casefile is the highest-rated true-crime podcast on Spotify right now. The unknown Australian host presents meticulously researched details into disturbing mysteries, cold cases, and unsolved crimes from around the world.

Who is the biggest podcaster on Spotify?

That honor belongs to Joe Rogan and his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience. While not strictly a true crime show, comedian and UFC commentator Joe Rogan boasts over 200 million downloads per month, making his long-form show Spotify’s most popular program.

Who does the UK True Crime podcast?

UK True Crime is hosted by well-known British journalists and authors Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth Day. With tense background scores and reliable reporting, they offer a uniquely British perspective into notable true crime cases that have occurred across England over the past 50 years.

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