Top 15 Best Depression Podcasts on Spotify 2024

Are you feeling down?

Podcasts can help!

Recently I have been very depressed but I don’t know how to become happy.

I am so worried. Suddenly, an idea came to my mind – I could use Spotify and try to search for the best Spotify podcasts for depression.

After a lot of research, I was able to find top-level, free podcasts on depression. These podcasts are not just shows to listen to – they have been life-changing for me.

How can you get this life-changing list of Podcasts about depression on spotify? Simply scroll down to see the full list.

The Depression podcast is a show on Spotify where people talk about what it’s like to have depression. Depression is when someone feels very sad or down for a long time. It makes it hard for them to enjoy life.

In the podcast, the hosts interview different people who have depression. The people share their personal stories about what depression feels like for them and how it affects their daily lives. Some people talk about not having energy or losing interest in activities they used to enjoy. Others talk about feeling hopeless, worthless, or constantly worried.

The podcast helps listeners understand what real people with depression go through. It teaches people that depression is a real illness and not something people can just “snap out of.” The podcast also gives tips for how to get help if you or someone you know is depressed.

The hosts want to help reduce the stigma and shame around depression. They want people with depression to feel understood and supported. They talk openly about their own struggles with depression too. Overall, the podcast shares stories of what it’s like living with depression in a simple, honest way.

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These top 15 depression podcasts on Spotify are filled with hope and wisdom to help you through tough times. When sadness, anxiety, or loneliness sets in, I highly recommend adding these podcast gems to your listening roster for inspiration and solace.

From The Hilarious World of Depression featuring comedians who shed light on the darker parts of life, to Terrible, Thanks for Asking’s stories of overcoming adversity, these podcasts showcase the incredible strength of the human spirit.

You’ll also gain insights from mental health experts on Depression Sessions or learn research-backed coping skills from The Feeling Good Podcast. For parenting guidance, turn to Good Moms Have Scary Thoughts for its reassuring take on handling depression and anxiety as a caregiver.

#01: The Hilarious World of Depression Podcast

This podcast features famous comedians who talk about how they deal with depression. The host believes humor is the best medicine for depression. In each interview, the comedians talk honestly about why they got depressed and how they make people laugh even when they feel sad inside. The episodes teach that anyone can have depression, even funny people in entertainment.

#02: Terrible, Thanks for Asking

The host, Nora McInerny, lost her spouse, her dad, and a baby she had not yet had all within weeks of each other. She started this podcast to talk about things many people think you shouldn’t talk about – like grief, sadness, and going through hard times. The episodes share the good and bad parts of people’s real-life stories. Often, sharing their stories makes the guests’ burdens feel a little lighter.

#03: Depression Sessions

This podcast features interviews with respected doctors and researchers who are experts on depression. The host, Dr. Depression, asks them questions using simple language anyone can understand. The show teaches facts about depression treatments, self-care tips, and how people of all ages can deal with feeling depressed. The goals are to share science-backed advice and provide hope.

#04: The Mindset Mentor

This host lost custody of her kids and lived in her car for a year due to depression. Now, she helps others dealing with depression, anxiety, and loss to change their mindset to be more positive. She provides kind advice on taking small steps each day toward building healthy habits and believing in yourself, even when you feel you have nothing left. Guests share how they overcame very low points in their own lives.

#05: Beyond Blue – In Conversation

This podcast features interviews with everyday people managing their mental health conditions. Guests talk openly about their experiences with depression, anxiety, bullying, and more. The conversations teach listeners that they are not alone. The stories are sad at times but also provide hope and tips on getting support.

#06: Happier with Gretchen Rubin

While often focused on happiness, host Gretchen Rubin also shares personal stories of going through depression. She offers science-based advice on building healthy habits, managing moods, and being kind to yourself. The podcast teaches the steps Gretchen takes to help herself feel better when depressed.

#07: The Self Work Podcast

The host, Quintus, is a mental health educator. He shares his own journey and tips on overcoming childhood trauma, low self-esteem, anger issues, and depression. Each episode provides insights on taking responsibility for your own healing and growth. The podcast aims to empower anyone struggling with their mental health.

#08: The Adult Chair Podcast

Michelle Chalfant helps guests open up about shaming experiences that often root for depression and anxiety. Adopting an adult mindset is key to health. She teaches listeners to have compassion for themselves and others on the journey to feeling better. Open conversations remove the stigma around mental health.

#09: Unruffled Podcast

Janet Lansbury’s respectful parenting advice also applies to managing emotions and self-care. She offers ways to handle tough feelings without being overcome by them through mindfulness, self-compassion, and discipline. Soothing music accompanies talks on dealing with depression and anxiety.

#10: Feeling Good Podcast | TEAM-CBT

The host, Dr. Burns, is a well-known depression and anxiety expert. He uses a kind tone as he explains helpful coping strategies from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) research. Listeners learn new ways to handle negative thoughts that keep them stuck in sadness. The tools can improve moods and relationships.

#11: On Being with Krista Tippett

These thoughtful conversations explore the deep inner lives of host Krista Tippett’s guests. Often touching on depression and despair, the talks teach about spirituality, mindfulness, and the shared human experience. Guests show vulnerability while inspiring hope through meaning and purpose.

#12: The Mental Illness Happy Hour

Comedian Paul Gilmartin hosts brave guests opening up about their mental health journeys. There is plenty of humor and helpful advice between the serious parts. The podcast’s message is that with support, those with mental illness can still live fulfilling, happy lives.

#13: Good Moms Have Scary Thoughts

This mother-daughter duo shares the ups and downs of parenting – from prenatal anxiety to postpartum depression. Their comfort and tips for moms highlight there is no perfect parent. Allowing all feelings to surface keeps the mind healthy to care for little ones.

#14: Calming Anxiety

The purpose of this podcast is right there in the name – help calm anxiety! Hosts offer research-based strategies on managing worrying thoughts and balancing emotions when you feel out of control. The talks are gentle, reassuring, and great for depression-related anxiety.

#15: The Hope & Healing Podcast

Host Joel Young, M.D. answers real questions from those living with depression. An expert on mental health, he offers treatment guidance – from medications to alternative therapies. Listeners gain knowledge and support on the path to recovery. Joel makes improvement feel possible.


Yes, there are many podcasts specifically aimed to help support those struggling with depression. A few popular examples are The Hilarious World of Depression, Terrible, Thanks for Asking, and Depression Sessions. These podcasts can make those with depression feel less alone by sharing stories of what others with depression have gone through and overcome. The mental health advice is also very helpful for providing hope and ideas to help cope with depressive symptoms.

Listening to mental health and wellness podcasts can help offer relief from certain depression symptoms. Hearing voices that sound upbeat or funny can temporarily improve one’s mood. Learning self-care and coping tips may help listeners implement small changes to better manage stress or sadness day-to-day. Feeling understood through other people’s shared stories of going through depression can also lift the sense of isolation that often accompanies depression. While not a full treatment plan, podcasts can be a useful supplement for gaining knowledge, and insights, or just a distraction when trying to heal from depression.

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