Top 49 Best drama podcasts on spotify 2024

Listening to podcasts is a fun way to hear interesting stories.

Podcasts are like radio shows you can listen to on your phone or computer.

Some podcasts tell fictional stories, like dramas.

Dramas have exciting plots and characters.

This article talks about some of the most popular audio drama podcasts you can find on Spotify in 2024.

Best drama podcasts on spotify

  • Serial – Investigative journalism podcast about a different true crime case each season. Very gripping storytelling.
  • S-Town is about an eccentric man in rural Alabama and the mysteries in his personal life. Intriguing characters.
  • Homecoming is a fictional thriller about a caseworker at a secret government facility. Star-studded cast.
  • Limetown – Fictional mystery about the disappearance of the residents of a research community. Keeps you guessing.
  • The Left Right Game – Supernatural horror fiction presented as the journal of a man who joined a dangerous underground game. Creepy atmosphere.
  • Wolverine – Fictional series based on the Marvel comics character. Action-packed with a strong performance by the lead voice actor.
  • The Truth – Anthology drama series with different self-contained stories in each episode. Top-notch production.
  • Leviathan Chronicles – Sci-fi adventure epic about a future war between AI and humans. Cinematic quality.
  • The Black Tapes – Fictional docuseries about a journalist investigating supernatural phenomena. Spine-tingling mystery.
  • Passenger List – Woman investigates the disappearance of her twin brother from an airplane. Brooding tone with emotional impact.

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Romance audio drama Podcasts

  • Love and Luck is a charming romantic comedy about two people who meet at a wedding. Great chemistry between the lead voice actors.
  • Nothing Much Happens Bedtime Stories for Adults – Soothing bedtime stories that follow romantic relationships. Helps you relax at the end of the day.
  • Purple Panties – Anthology series based on Zane’s popular erotic novels. Diverse stories celebrating black female sexuality.
  • The Two Princes – Enchanting YA fantasy romance about two princes falling in love while on a quest. Fun, inclusive take on a fairy tale.
  • Margaret’s Garden – Historical fiction romance set during WWII. Follows a woman rebuilding her English garden during the war. Poignant and sweet.
  • Love Stories with Jesús & Lorena – Bilingual English-Spanish series exploring modern Latinx relationships. Relatable characters navigating dating complexities.
  • Secrets – Sexy drama following couples in counseling revealing their most private thoughts. Provocative stories testing relationships.
  • Strictly Business – Workplace “will they, won’t they” romance between two assistants working overtime on a big project. Fun office antics.
  • Valeria – Spanish-language rom-com about four friends supporting each other and finding love in Madrid. Vivacious female friendships take center stage.

Comedy audio drama podcasts

  • Wooden Overcoats – This hilarious sitcom is about rival undertakers on a small British island. Expert cast with impeccable comedic timing.
  • Hello From The Magic Tavern – An improvised fantasy-comedy podcast about a man trapped in a magical tavern interviewing bizarre guests. Utterly absurd.
  • Bubble – Comedy about monster hunters in a fairy tale world facing silly and terrifying creatures. Very funny scripts and loveable characters.
  • Mission to Zyxx – Improvised space odyssey satirizing Star Trek with an incompetent crew blundering through missions. Ridiculous space shenanigans.
  • Alba Salix, Royal Physician – Sitcom following a witch, her apprentice, and a fairy herbalist at the royal clinic of a fantasy kingdom. Charming and clever.
  • The Amelia Project – Quirky comedy about a secret agency helping people fake their own deaths. Dark humor with lots of twists.
  • Victoriocity – Steampunk detective parody set in a fanciful version of late 19th century London. Very witty writing and stellar production.
  • Kevin’s Cryptids – Mockumentary about a fictional cryptozoologist searching for mythical monsters. Dry humor in the style of true crime podcasts.
  • Red Rhino – Absurdist workplace satire about eccentric employees of a dying travel agency. A sharply written cringe comedy.
  • Screw It, We’re Just Gonna Talk About Spiderman – Improvised comedy with hilarious tangents about Spiderman movie trivia. Relentlessly funny and clever banter between the hosts.

Horror audio drama podcasts

  • The Magnus Archives – Anthology horror series presented as an archive of statements from people who have encountered the paranormal. Very creepy and immersive.
  • Borrasca – Disturbing mystery thriller about a boy investigating the history of violence in his hometown. Chilling story with visceral scares.
  • The White Vault – Arctic expedition turns terrifying as the team awakens an ancient evil. Tense cold weather horror vibe.
  • The Left Right Game – Man documents his experiences of being initiated into a deadly metaphysical game. Atmospheric supernatural horror.
  • Video Palace – Creepy found footage-style podcast about a mysterious VHS tape that causes bizarre events for the viewers. Classic horror elements.
  • The Deca Tapes – Reporters investigate 10 disturbing audio tapes involving a town’s dark secrets. Eerie atmospheric mystery.
  • The Phenomenon – Blends real interviews and fiction to tell stories of how people encounter UFOs. Sparse and unnerving.
  • I Am In Eskew – Surreal horror poetry podcast following a researcher descending into the nightmare reality of a strange city. Truly unsetting.
  • The Storage Papers – Supposedly real recordings of disturbing tales discovered in storage locker auctions. Documents different creepy events.
  • The Cellar Letters – Reading of letters from a woman who moves into a lonely house with something evil inside. Slow-building haunting horror.

Sci-fi audio dramas Podcasts

  • We’re Alive – Riveting zombie apocalypse story told through survivor eyewitnesses. Top-notch acting and production.
  • The Hyacinth Disaster – Found-footage style drama about a spaceship crew investigating a mysterious alien signal. The compelling atmosphere of isolation in space.
  • Marshall – Colonists arrive on Mars to set up a town and gradually discover the secrets of the red planet. Intriguing hard sci-fi mystery.
  • The Orphans – Two rival batches of human clones fight for survival alone on a deserted starship drifting in space. A thoughtful examination of human nature.
  • The Program – Post-apocalyptic audio drama set in a bunker where the remnants of humanity live governed by disturbing AI overlords. Asks unsettling philosophical questions.
  • Steal the Stars – Forbidden workplace romance at a secret facility guarding a crashed UFO. Fun science fiction romance and intrigue.
  • The Deca Tapes – Gritty sci-fi mystery with reporters investigating mysterious audio tapes with dark implications. Gripping and atmospheric.
  • Tracks – Gritty sci-fi following inhabitants carving out life in a rundown space station. Punchy action balanced with great characters.
  • ars PARADOXICA – A scientist researching time travel accidentally ends up decades in the past, forced to work for a shady agency. Mind-bending time travel dilemmas.
  • Wolf 359 – Comedy-drama shipwrecked astronaut orbiting the red dwarf star Wolf 359 documents the decay of his mind trapped in isolation. Psychological and gripping.


A: An audio drama podcast is like a radio play but released via a podcast format. It features a dramatic story with sound effects and voice actors playing different characters and roles. Unlike an audiobook, audio dramas have a full cast and cinematic sound production.

A: Sci-fi audio dramas incorporate imaginative, futuristic elements into their fictional stories like alien encounters, artificial intelligence, time travel, space exploration, alternate universes, etc. They transport listeners to far-off settings and thought-provoking scenarios using audio as the storytelling medium. The science fiction premise allows them to tackle complex philosophical questions.

A: In addition to Spotify, good sources to browse and discover sci-fi audio drama series include dedicated podcast listening apps like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher. Websites like also catalogue and recommend intriguing new science fiction audio dramas across various platforms and genres worth checking out for all types of listeners.

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