Top 15 Best gaming podcasts on spotify

Are you passionate about the gaming industry but struggling to find high-quality information from experts?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’re sharing the top gaming podcasts on Spotify that will help you expand your knowledge. From commentary on the latest news to in-depth interviews with game designers, journalists, and pro players, these podcasts dive deep into every aspect of gaming.

Let’s Dive Into this article and discuss the best gaming podcasts on spotify.

Top gaming podcasts on Spotify

#01: The Besties

Besties Podcasts on spotify
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The Besties podcast features video game experts talking about new game releases. Hosts Griffin McElroy, Justin McElroy, and Chris Plante review the highs and lows of games in a fun way. They even give out made-up awards for things like “Flat Out Good Game” or “Best Dog.” Listen to The Besties to find out which new games you might want to try next and hear funny gaming stories.

#02: How Did This Get Played?

Best game podcast on spotify
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How Did This Get Played? has Nick Wiger and Heather Anne Campbell exploring some of the weirdest and worst video games ever made. In each episode, they play a game known for being truly terrible. They talk about bad graphics, confusing gameplay, and funny glitches. Their reactions as they try to make it through each awful game will make you laugh. It’s fun hearing them make jokes about games so silly they can’t believe they exist.

#03: Triple Click

Best game podcast on spotify
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If you want a gaming podcast that goes deep on big ideas about games and technology, check out Triple Click. Hosts Kirk Hamilton, Maddy Myers, and Jason Schreier discuss news and culture surrounding games. Recent topics include what makes some popular games so addictive, technology predictions for the next 10 years, and interviews with people working in gaming. Triple Click covers complex issues but tries to make even difficult concepts easy to grasp.

#04: Gamertag Radio

Best game podcast on spotify
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Hosted by an adult and kid co-host duo, Gamertag Radio looks at video games from both grownup and kid perspectives. They review new releases, debate controversial gaming opinions, and answer questions from listeners. Everyone will enjoy hearing takes from a host their age who shares his personal gaming experiences. The show also explores gaming culture beyond just talking about games, like looking at popular streamers and influencers.

#05: Good Luck, High Five

Best game podcast on spotify
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Good Luck, High Five describes itself as a gaming podcast for kids and adults to enjoy together. Host Jason Charles Miller brings the expertise while 11-year-old kid co-host Mark explores games for the first time. Their charming conversations about playing games feel like listening in while an enthusiastic uncle introduces his nephew to his favorite hobby. From discussing gentle, story-rich games to talking about teamwork and emotion, Good Luck, High Five brings warmth to gaming.

#06: 8-4 Play

8-4 Play podcast on spotify
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If you’re curious about what it’s like making video games, dive into 8-4 Play. Hosts from video game localization companies 8-4 interview creators about developing games. Listen as designers share stories about how they came up with game ideas, created characters, and solved problems during production. They also talk about their journey getting into the gaming industry and lessons for aspiring game developers. Even complex processes get broken down clearly.

#07: Voice of Esports

Voice of Esports
Picture credit: Spotify

Love watching people compete in esports? Then Voice of Esports is for you. Host William Collis talks all things competitive gaming – from popular online tournaments to star players and teams, to understanding popular esports games themselves. You’ll learn which players dominate games like League of Legends and Rocket League currently while also hearing knowledgeable esports analysis from the host. Voice of Esports covers the excitement, culture, and community growing around esports.

#08: Nintendo Power Podcast

Nintendo Power Podcast
Picture credit: Spotify

If you’re a Nintendo fan, the Nintendo Power Podcast will be your new favorite listen. Host Chris Slate and guests have fun, lively banter about new Nintendo games, consoles, and characters. It’s the official Nintendo podcast, so they share exclusive sneak peeks and interviews that fans won’t hear anywhere else. Whether reminiscing about classic Nintendo games or speculating about the next Zelda and Mario adventures, their enthusiasm and knowledge will get you hyped.

#09: Kakos Industries

Kakos Industries podcasts on spotify
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Part scripted comedy, part immersive story, Kakos Industries is one of the most unique gaming podcasts. It’s framed as being the podcast of the mysterious fictional company Kakos Industries, where “evil” is developed and implemented. The darkly funny host shares absurd announcements about evil products and schemes, enriched by immersive fictional worldbuilding. While often over-the-top silly, the show takes you into an unfolding narrative filled with interesting characters from episode to episode.

#10: How I Built This With Guy Raz

How I Built This With Guy Raz
Picture credit: Spotify

For those inspired by game developers, try How I Built This With Guy Raz. While not purely about gaming, host Guy Raz interviews innovators behind some of the world’s best-known companies. Past guests have included Minecraft creator Markus Persson, Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey, Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake, and more. Hear firsthand stories about starting companies, creative breakthroughs, and lessons learned from world-changing entrepreneurs.

#11: Girlfriend Mode

girlfriend podcasts on spotify
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Girlfriend Mode offers a unique female perspective on gaming often missing from other shows. Hosts Lesley Cordero and Andi Dier chat all things gaming from their viewpoint as Latinx women who love games. From discussing female characters to sharing personal stories about harassment issues to highlighting body positivity in cosplay, Girlfriend Mode makes gaming insight accessible through a socially conscious lens.

#12: Dialog Tree

dialogue tree podcast on spotify
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Dialog Tree brings scriptwriters from TV, film, and games together to dissect great video game storytelling and writing. Host Eric Branscum and writer guests analyze what makes some game plots, worlds, and characters so immersive. They break down effective writing techniques that TV scribes can use to strengthen video game narrative design too. Anyone who loves rich game lore and story will find insightful commentary.

#13: What’s Good Games

What's Good Games
Picture credit: Spotify

For balanced reviews across all gaming platforms from experts, cue up What’s Good Games. Hosts Andrea Rene, Brittney Brombacher, and Kristine Steimer take turns highlighting new and classic game recommendations. Together they represent diverse gamer backgrounds with well-reasoned takes. Their picks range in all genres and styles so all gamers can discover hidden gems. Their infectious passion comes from years of gaming both for fun and professionally.

#14: Continue?, A Video Game History Podcast

Continue?, A Video Game History Podcast
Picture credit: Spotify

In Continue? host Paul Ritcheyzoom and guests explore the earliest eras of video game history. Listen as they play and commentate on groundbreaking games from the 70s, 80s and 90s. You’ll gain gaming cultural context around pioneering titles like Pong, Super Mario Bros, Sonic, Street Fighter II, and more. Continue? also interweaves lesser-known stories about influential game designers and companies from decades past.

#15: Video Games are Bad Podcast

Video Games are Bad Podcast
Picture credit: Spotify

For some laughs, Video Games Are Bad pokes fun at questionable design decisions in both legendary and obscure games. What were developers thinking with frustrating gameplay elements, odd visuals, terrible dialogue, or ridiculous plots? Hosts critique games’ most absurd moments while also examining why we embrace flaws in our favorites. By highlighting the best “bad” examples, Video Games Are Bad finds irony and humor in gaming’s missteps.

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Do I need to play the games mentioned in these podcasts?

While having a gaming experience can help understand discussions better, most of these podcasts work great for both gamers and non-gamers. The hosts do a nice job catching listeners up on the game backgrounds when mentioned. So don’t worry if you haven’t played a certain game title yourself!

How often do new podcast episodes come out?

Frequency varies but many release episodes weekly or a few times a month. Checking the podcast or Spotify app details will show their schedule. Even better, you can subscribe to receive updates when your favorites drop new episodes automatically. Then just listen whenever.

Why listen to gaming podcasts instead of YouTube or Twitch?

Podcasts let you enjoy great gaming talk just using your ears wherever you want. No need to sit in front of a screen. You can listen to walking the dog, riding the bus, doing chores, trying to sleep, and tons more. Podcasts also tend to be more conversationally focused versus noisy streams.

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