Top 30 Best horror podcasts on spotify 2024

Do you like scary stories?

Spotify has lots of scary podcasts to listen to.

We picked the 30 very best scary podcasts on Spotify for 2024.

There are ghost stories, monster stories, and even real stories about creepy things. Push play if you want clues to solve mysteries or hear shocking tales. These scary shows will give you goosebumps and keep you up at night!

So let’s Jump!

30 Best horror podcasts on spotify

  • Lore – Aaron Mahnke tells scary stories about ghosts, monsters, and crazy stuff that really happened in history. His chilling tales sometimes sound too freaky to be real life!
  • The NoSleep Podcast – A group of storytellers read super creepy tales from the popular NoSleep internet forum. These scary stories about freaky dreams, killers, and insane asylums are not for bedtime!
  • Welcome to Night Vale – Night Vale is a fake weird town where all kinds of freaky stuff happens. The podcast tells tales about ghosts, demons, and mysteries that make you go “hmm”.
  • Alice Isn’t Dead – A woman searches America for her missing wife Alice and keeps seeing a creepy monster man. Is Alice alive or dead? Where is the freaky monster taking people?
  • The Black Tapes – Host Alex investigates spooky paranormal cases while creepy music builds scary tension. Are ghosts and demons real or not? Press play and get goosebumps.
  • Darkest Night – Spine-tingling tales feature freaky monsters and scary killers tormenting people trapped in frightening situations. Turn on a light while listening!
  • Knifepoint Horror – A freaked-out storyteller recounts very creepy short tales about zombies, witches, insane killers, and paranormal horror. Are you brave enough to finish each tale?
  • Campfire Radio Theater – Spooky serials feature people facing freaky creatures, aliens, zombies, and scary mysteries. Simple sound effects and acting amp up the drama!
  • Horror Hill – A chilled-out host introduces short creepy tales submitted by everyday people. The real-life ghost stories and chilling coincidences seem extra freaky.
  • Scare You To Sleep – Each night the Storyteller picks a new super creepy tale about stalkers, freak accidents, or monsters to frighten you to slumber.
  • Let’s Not Meet: A True Horror Podcast – Folks share their own real-life bizarre and scary brushes with robbers, kidnappers, and scary strangers who still haunt them.
  • Tales to Terrify – From freakish monsters to insane murderers, award-winning stories transport you into terrifying worlds created by famed horror authors.
  • Wrong Station – Twisty sci-fi, thriller, and horror tales feature parallel worlds, time loops, and freak reality glitches with paranormal consequences.
  • Mirrors – Insane asylums, creepy mannequins, and a demon child haunt the 5 connected yet freaky stories told each season.
  • The Phenomenon – A freakish doomsday event causes bizarre suicides and violence. What is this paranormal force? How do you even fight horror everywhere?
  • A Shudder Original Series – Scares build as Mark investigates a freaky old video store connected to ghastly deaths and a mystery horror video.
  • Midnight Burger – The chilling stories told by diner staff feature cursed objects, portals to freaky places, and customers who aren’t what they seem.
  • The Otis Jiry Horror Show – Veteran radio host Otis Jiry knows how to narrate chilling listener-submitted tales with ominous music to maximize freaky vibes.
  • Deadly Manners – A classical murder mystery house party turns paranormal when guests start seeing ghosts and dropping dead in freak accidents.
  • Reverb – DJ James Tomek plays oddly unsettling music and then delves into dark tales behind the freaky songs involving the paranormal or flat-out horror.
  • Quietly Yours – Atmospheric freaky stories explore the horrors of addiction and illness through pain-soaked lenses before shifting paranormal.
  • Wrong House – Neighbors seem nice until someone moves into the freakishly wrong house with sinister secrets that defy reality and sanity.
  • Bridgewater – A folklore professor investigates a small town plagued by terrifying creatures like werewolves, witches, and freaky parasites.
  • The White Vault – An arctic repair team discovers freaky secrets frozen in abandoned outposts that awaken dangerous paranormal forces.
  • Death by Dying – A terminally ill woman moves to a small town and witnesses freaky deaths predicted by a young psychic girl. What horror awaits them?
  • Old Gods of Appalachia – Tales of coal country are brought to life through one horrifying story about what lurks in the freaky forests and hollows.
  • The Storage Papers – A historian curates tales freakishly linked to storage locker auctions where people got way more (or less) than they bargained for.
  • The Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program – Investigators dig into freaky occurrences, rituals, and paranormal artifacts tied to the Love crafting monster Cthulhu’s horror mythos.
  • Video Palace: A Shudder Original Series – The freakiness continues as Mark keeps unraveling chilling details about the deadly horror VHS tape.
  • Lesser Gods – A young woman finds her mother’s diary that freakishly starts turning tragedies she writes into reality through unexplained horror means.

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6 Best ghost story podcasts on spotify

  • Spooked – Real people simply recount their own bizarre brushes with ghosts, poltergeists, and haunted dolls that will make the hair on your neck stand up.
  • The Moonlit Road – Storytellers resurrect Southern ghost stories passed down through generations about the spirits of slaves, soldiers, and sinners.
  • The Big Séance Podcast – Obsessed ghost enthusiastic Alex Matsuo shares the backstories of famous hauntings and interviews mediums to analyze paranormal evidence.
  • Ghost Magnet with Bridget Marquardt – Former Playmate Bridget Marquardt visits America’s most notoriously haunted places and witnesses freaky ghostly activity captured on audio.
  • Real Ghost Stories Online – Ordinary folks call in to describe their scariest and most unexplainable real-world encounters with ghosts and the world beyond.
  • And That’s Why We Drink – The true crime and paranormal podcast takes a freaky deep dive into ghost sightings, poltergeists, and haunted history.

Best horror movie podcasts on spotify

Here are the best true scary podcasts on Spotify:

  • Faculty of Horror – Film studies professors Alexandra West and Andrea Subissati analyze horror movie history and freaky film techniques that scare audiences.
  • Nightmare on Film Street – Horror movie experts gather around the campfire to dissect freaktastic fright flicks with chilling audio skits in between hot takes.
  • The Evolution of Horror – Author and film historian Mike Muncer traces the freaky DNA of horror movies decade-by-decade to examine what styles scare and why.
  • Horror Movie Podcast – Hardcore genre fans offer freakishly thorough breakdowns, news, and interviews about horror movies and scary villains.
  • Shock Waves – Journalists, critics, and freakishly devoted film fanatics dive deep into new releases and all-time classics from haunting psychological horror and ghost movies to extreme cinema.
  • Movie Crypt – Horror director veterans Adam Green and Joe Lynch freak out over their favorite scary moments in gory slasher films, zombie mayhem, and paranormal fare.
  • Post Mortem with Mick Garris – The horror movie legend interviews A-list frightmasters like John Carpenter about creating cult classics and hidden gem genre flicks.


A: Reddit users widely recommend NoSleep Podcast, The Magnus Archives, and Video Palace for freakishly scary stories guaranteed to give you nightmares.

A: Some freakishly good horror podcasts like Nightmare Magazine, Campfire Radio Theater, The White Vault, and Knifepoint Horror are 100% free listens on Spotify.

A: Spotify curated lists highlight new hits like The Harrowing and classics like Lore as 2024’s premier picks for paranormal tales, haunted places, freaky mysteries and more bone-chilling entertainment.

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