Top 10 best Korean podcasts on spotify 2024

Are you interested in learning the Korean language?

Spotify has some great Korean podcasts you can check out. Korean Class 101 and Learn Korean will teach you Korean using fun dialogues and stories that make learning easy.

If you want step-by-step lessons, TTMIK Korean and Talk To Me In Korean start from the basics and build up your skills over time.

You’ll be speaking Korean in no time!

Let’s jump into this article and see the best Korean podcasts on spotify for beginners

Best Free Korean podcasts on spotify

#01: KoreanClass101

KoreanClass101 is a great podcast to start with. They have audio lessons for every level, from brand-new beginners to advanced students. Each lesson is between 3 to 20 minutes long, which is enough time to learn without getting overwhelmed. They cover important topics like grammar rules, vocabulary words, pronunciation tips, and more. The hosts explain things clearly and repeat examples several times too. They also tell stories, make conversations, and use fun activities to keep you interested. This is one of the most complete Korean learning podcasts.

#02: Talk To Me In Korean

Talk To Me In Korean also has many excellent Korean audio lessons. Like KoreanClass101, TTMIK also teaches all levels, from “Hello” to complex Korean business terms. What’s special is that TTMIK records real conversations between teachers that will introduce you to new vocabulary. The teachers also share their own stories and experiences for you to learn from. TTMIK covers reading, writing, listening, speaking, and grammar so you can become a strong overall Korean speaker.

#03: Learn Korean with Go

Billy Korean is a fun podcast by a friendly teacher named Billy. He teaches grammar, vocabulary, Hangul writing, and more in an upbeat way. Billy often uses comparisons, stories, drawings, and even songs to explain Korean concepts that might be confusing at first. He keeps examples simple with step-by-step breakdowns. Many students like Billy’s energy and the way he makes lessons feel like casual conversations instead of boring lectures. His teaching style helps you remember and makes picking up Korean a bit easier.

#04: Real-Life Korean Conversations

Real-Life Korean Conversations, as the name suggests, has recordings of people speaking Korean in everyday real situations. You’ll hear Korean spoken at normal speed on topics like buying groceries, asking directions, making small talk, and more. This is a great podcast just for listening practice. You won’t learn grammar or vocabulary directly. But by hearing actual casual Korean conversations, you train your ear to understand and get used to the natural pace. Listening well is so important when speaking a language. This podcast gives your listening skills a boost through immersive practice.

#05: Essential Korean Podcast

This podcast aims to help you learn the 100 most essential beginner vocabulary words and phrases in Korean. The host Dong Joo breaks down basic expressions you’ll actually use for introducing yourself, asking questions, describing wants and feelings more. Examples include greetings, pronouns, where’s the bathroom, I’m happy, I don’t understand, and much more vocab for travel or quick conversing needed right away. With repetition, examples, and Korean cultural insight, you’ll learn the crucial starter words for fundamental communication quickly.

#06: Learn Korean With Linguaboost

This thorough Korean foundation podcast simplifies grammar concepts spanning beginner to lower intermediate levels. Clear explanations with plentiful examples introduce sentence structure, conjugations, prefixes, suffixes, endings, and particles in digestible pieces. Workbooks accompany written applications reinforcing concepts. As vocabulary expands, so does the ability to decipher connected speech patterns through generous listening content as well. If seeking strong grammar groundwork explanations supplemented by workbooks – check this podcast out.

#07: Korean New Yorker

For engaging intermediate listening content touching on lifestyle, current events, and cultural insights in Korea, see Korean New Yorker. The host Joseph tours aspects of Korean living frequently perplexing for foreigners – from workplace dynamics to relocation advice. With a sense of humor addressing cross-cultural curiosities through an immigrant lens over the years, genuine dialogues unpack customs furthering acculturalization.

#08: Let’s Learn Korean with K-mama

Toddlers learn languages quickly through play, right? Well, this podcast uses the immersive methods of a Korean mom teaching her kids to help you learn naturally too. With sellers, songs, stories, and more creative lessons, K-mama gives digestible Korean exposure for genuine retention. You’ll gain beginner listening comprehension, vocabulary, and pronunciation while enjoying the charming family dynamic. Example dialogues model casual speech patterns in an upbeat environment. Supplemental pdfs also come with grammar breakdowns. If you like learning through applied children’s content, this podcast modeled after natural family interactions could work perfectly.

#09: Intermediate Korean

Many hit roadblocks moving to intermediate Korean, but this podcast prevents plateau through continual challenges. Bite-sized lessons expand your vocabulary grammar width creatively, from describing complex emotions to handling disagreements diplomatically in Korean. Dialogue speed intensifies too. A cultural tip introduces an idiom or manners context as well. While perhaps no longer a beginner, feeling lost midway is common – which this podcast confronts. Stay engaged in your journey to fluency with the carefully designed daily intermediate training here.

#10: The Korea Society

Are they seeking untold histories, cultural revelations, and societal insights on Korea from experts? Award-winning Korea Society articles come to life here. Academics, authors, and specialists lecture on enigmatic Soft Power ascent, economic innovation, geopolitics, the Koreas relations, visual arts, and more for our understanding. Probing Q&As with audiences follow. Gain well-rounded perspectives on this increasingly pivotal region through digestible deep dives avoiding superficial tropes. Meet the proximate future equipped by keeping Korean relevance in focus via conference access from prominent thought leaders now in podcast form.

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The best way is to sample multiple recommended podcasts first. Many will have beginner, intermediate and advanced content or label lessons by level. See if the hosts speak at the right speed for you and break things down well. The very best Korean learning podcasts will build up your abilities gradually while keeping lessons engaging. If the content feels too advanced or boring – just try another podcast more tailored to where you currently are. Don’t get discouraged. With Korea’s rising popularity, there’s certainly a podcast fit for you.

While both Talk to Me in Korean (TTMIK) and KoreanClass101 have excellent audio lessons, TTMIK provides more supplementary PDFs for Hangul writing practice. Their lessons often show character stroke order and have worksheets integrating writing along with the listening. KoreanClass101 focuses a bit more on verbal abilities. But they partner with Eat Your Kimchi for some bonus Hangul writing content. For the most well-rounded writing foundation from audio lessons, however – TTMIK is likely preferable.

As you’re starting out, it’s best to use all the quality free podcast resources first before subscribing. You want to make sure studying Korean is a consistent habit and the podcast format works for your learning style before spending money. If after sampling some free podcasts you find your skills developing well, then consider unlocking individual premium content from a service like KoreanClass101. This allows better targeting of your weak points without overspending initially as a beginner.

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