Top 60 Best motivational podcasts on spotify 2024

Listening to podcasts can be a great way to get inspired and motivated. Podcasts are like radio shows you can listen to anytime on your phone or computer.

Some podcasts have hosts that talk about ideas to help you reach your goals or feel better about life.

These positive podcasts can provide anyone with an uplifting boost.

Let’s start!

Best morning motivational podcasts on spotify

Here are the top 10 morning motivational podcasts on Spotify to help start your day off right:

  • The Morning Boost – Uplifting talk show to motivate positivity, productivity, and success right when you wake up.
  • The Rachel Hollis Podcast – Best-selling author pumps you up with inspirational chats on goal-getting.
  • The School of Greatness – Interviews with successful people reveal morning routines and mindsets.
  • Magic Mornings with Missy – Missy Butcher shares morning mindfulness, gratitude, and inspiration.
  • Morning Motivation by Motiversity – Quick inspiration to seize the day ahead with purpose and passion.
  • The Brian Johnson Podcast – Thought-provoking ideas on optimal performance all day, starting AM.
  • Morning Mindfulness Motivation – Brief, research-backed breathing exercises, and visualization prompts.
  • Motivational Monday with Lauren Handel Zander – Tools to gain clarity and mental strength for the week ahead.
  • Early Morning Inspiration by Roxie Vizcarra – Spiritual boosts addressing self-care, love, growth, and more.
  • The Darren Hardy Podcast – Goal-obsessed chats that energize and inspire peak performance all day long.

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Best fitness motivation podcasts on spotify

Here are 20 of the top fitness motivation podcasts found on Spotify:

  • Mind Pump – Focuses on motivation and self-improvement along with fitness.
  • The Mind Muscle Project – Discusses the psychology behind fitness goals and willpower.
  • Finding Mastery: Conversations with Michael Gervais – Features in-depth interviews to unlock your potential.
  • The Life Stylist – Embracing holistic life and fitness advice to maximize performance.
  • Train with Purpose – Helps develop mental toughness and resilience even through setbacks.
  • The Chalene Show – Builds fitness confidence via truths from health expert Chalene Johnson.
  • The Model Health Show – Covers total body topics from nutrition to mindfulness.
  • Half Size Me – Motivates balanced and maintainable weight loss success.
  • We Only Look Thin – Takes on poor body image, and superficial goals and reframes fitness.
  • The Jillian Michaels Show – Tough-love guidance from renowned personal trainer Jillian Michaels.
  • The Andy Frisella Podcast – Raw straight-shooting blueprint for achieving greatness.
  • Mindset Reset Radio – Psychology and systems for actualizing your true potential.
  • The Healthy U Revolution – Passionate support for creating healthy lifestyle habits.
  • The Brave Body Project – Embracing imperfect progress over time to love your body.
  • Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe – Infuses fun with health wisdom from the former Bachelorette.
  • The Rachel Hollis Podcast – Bestseller Rachel Hollis inspires women through honesty and advocacy.
  • Balanced Black Girl – Nutrition, fitness, and holistic wellness for women of color.
  • Hurdle – Interviews elite athletes on mental health and well-being along with performance.
  • Rich Roll Podcast – Ultra-athlete empowers peak performance through plant-powered living.
  • Work In Progress – Reminders that small fitness steps build lifelong health and well-being.

Best study motivation podcasts on spotify

Here are some of the best study motivation podcasts on Spotify:

  • The Study Motivation Podcast – Focuses specifically on evidence-based study tips, mindset, productivity, and motivation. Upbeat Host aims to help students reach their academic potential.
  • The Unofficial Audio Study Guide – Breaks down economics, math, and science concepts in a motivational way to boost academic confidence and grades.
  • Learning How to Learn – Uses cognitive research to provide study skills anyone can apply to learning challenges in school or career.
  • The Study Space – Pop music and entertainment world angles help gear up for study sessions. Upbeat and youthful energy.
  • Motivation for Students – Quick pep talks from a teacher to inspire students to develop grit and discipline around studying.
  • The Mind Muscle Project – Merges sports psychology and academic performance to find motivation and success mindsets.
  • Mission Accepted – Uplifting stories of persevering through academic adversity that motivate students to keep aiming higher.
  • The Growth Mindset Podcast – Focuses on cultivating grit, resilience, and positivity to achieve student potential.
  • Motivational Messages for Students – Quick inspirational snippets to get students revised up for tests, papers, exams, and more.
  • The High Performing Student – Research and expert interviews unpack the habits, mindsets, and behaviors that drive academic excellence.

Best sports motivational podcasts on spotify

  • The MJ Way – Features interviews with athletes inspired to achieve greatness like Michael Jordan.
  • The Winning Mindset – Focuses on the mental game and attitudes needed to win in sports and life.
  • Finding Mastery – Interviews top athletes and coaches on key mindsets to reach elite levels.
  • The Playbook – Hosted by successful athletes sharing stories to motivate and inspire listeners.
  • Sports Motivation Podcast – Quick pep talks focused on getting you pumped up to reach sports goals.
  • Competitor’s Edge – Breaks down the tools, training, and tactics used by the world’s most competitive athletes.
  • Beyond the Game – Powerful life stories emphasizing personal growth through sports challenges.
  • Mind Muscle Project – Merges science-based psychology tips for sports performance enhancement.
  • The Champions Blueprint – Highlights championship team cultures that build excellence and leadership.
  • The Sports Mindset – Targets getting into the zone mentally to thrive under physical performance pressure.

Best self-discipline motivational podcasts on spotify

  • The Mindset Mentor – Focuses on developing self-discipline and a strong work ethic with specific strategies shared.
  • Beyond the To-Do List – Tactical tips for building lifelong discipline habits from the author of multiple books on productivity.
  • The James Clear Podcast – Best-selling author of Atomic Habits breaks down small behaviors that drive huge discipline gains.
  • The Will Power Podcast – Psychology-based insights on inner strength, drive, and behavior design that beats procrastination.
  • The Art of Improvement – Reveals thought patterns and obstacle mindsets that may secretly undermine self-discipline.
  • Grit – Expert interviews unlocking the passion and perseverance behind the drive of high performers in all domains.
  • Mind Love Podcast -Hosts interviews with authors and researchers specializing in understanding motivation and self-discipline.
  • The Psychology Podcast – Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman addresses the latest science behind self-regulation and goal-striving.
  • Full Focus – Builds understanding of how attention management interplays with discipline and willpower.
  • The Mind Muscle Project – Practical ways to build mental toughness and self-discipline just as you would physical strength.


Why listen to motivational podcasts?

Listening to motivational podcasts can be a great way to start your day on a positive note and get inspired to be your best. The stories, ideas, and practical tips shared can give you an emotional and mental boost. Making motivation a daily habit can translate into more productive, proactive work.

What should I listen to in the morning for motivation?

Some top motivational podcast picks for morning listening include The Morning Boost, The Rachel Hollis Podcast, Magic Mornings with Missy, Morning Mindfulness Motivation, and The School of Greatness. They provide inspiring talk shows and interviews to wake up your passion, drive, gratitude, self-confidence, and sense of purpose.

Are podcasts good for your brain?

Yes, listening to podcasts is beneficial for your brain because it keeps your brain active, exposes you to new ideas and information, builds your vocabulary and focus, and relieves stress. Podcasts also engage several parts of your brain at once as you interpret meanings and concepts. Motivational podcasts, in particular, can positively stimulate emotional brain centers.

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