Fall Asleep Fast with Spotify’s Top 10 Sleepiest Podcast Picks

Getting good sleep is important so you can feel rested, think clearly, and stay healthy.

One thing that can help you relax and make falling asleep easier is listening to calm podcasts in bed.

In this article, we will share some podcasts on the music app Spotify that are perfect to listen to before going to sleep.

Let’s Jump!

Best podcasts on spotify before bed

  • Get Sleepy – This podcast features a softly spoken British narrator who tells gently meandering stories and guided meditation designed to distract busy minds. The calm voice slowly lulls you towards sleep. There is also background ambient music and sound effects playing faintly like ocean waves that add to the peacefulness.
  • Sleep With Me – The perfect podcast for when your thoughts keep you awake at night. Host Drew Ackerman rambles in a droning tone about extremely boring things like office paperwork or grocery shopping. Its pointless stories are funny in how dull they are. The idea is so very uninteresting that you quickly nod off without realizing it.
  • Relaxing White Noise – Does simply having gentle background noise help you sleep? This podcast offers hours of fan sounds, rain falling, distant trains, and other ambient audio that provides a masking veil without intrusive music. It’s like creating a little cocoon of sound around your bed. The consistency is powerfully soporific.
  • Nothing Much Happens – A plot-focused storytelling podcast featuring calmly narrated fiction tales deliberately low in drama or excitement. Mundane events unfolding slowly to protagonists as they bake do crosswords, or garden gives your brain limited hooks that allow it to switch off.
  • Meditative Story – Part purposeful mindfulness training, part tranquil bedtime fables. The rich imagery journeys are partially guided meditation, partially fantasy voyages. Excellent scene setting and visual prompts promote calmness and distraction from the dullness of counting sheep.
  • Sleep Stories for Grown-Ups – This podcast serves up super short bedtime stories structured specifically for adults who walk the line between pleasantly boring and mildly intriguing without strong cliffhangers. A soothing female narrator that isn’t too perky. Tales touch on relationships and work over tea.
  • Deep Energy – Less traditional bedtime listening, this podcast guides you through gentle movement and breathing exercises paired with tranquil soundscapes. The mindful practices release stored tension while the calming audio promotes healthy sleep. A surprisingly effective mix of body awareness and ambient tones.
  • The Om Place – At the intersection of meditation guidance and sound healing, these episodes coach you into states of stillness and presence supported by chanting, solfeggio frequencies, and crystal bowl audio filtered to enhance rest. Heightened chances for lucid dreaming too.
  • Tales for Long Nights – Slow-paced retellings of myths, legends, and folklore from around the world to distract night owls and insomnia sufferers. Storyteller Martin Holdcroft has an elegantly venerable vibe as he unravels yarns in his woody timbre. Fantasy proves more soporific than sheep counting.
  • Forever Ago – History podcast revisiting ancient civilizations, vintage habits, or olden days cuisine in a nostalgic, fireside manner apt for drifting away to dreamland. Research retold conversationally on Babylon, samurai, baking bread or the original Olympics make learning relaxing.

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Is it OK to listen to a podcast before bed?

A: Yes, listening to a calming podcast can help relax your mind making it easier to fall asleep. Just avoid podcasts that are too exciting.

Does Spotify have sleep timers?

A: Yes, Spotify has a “Sleep Timer” feature that allows you to set a time for when music/podcasts will automatically stop playing while you fall asleep.

How do I play Spotify before bed?

A: Enable Spotify’s “Sleep Timer” which stops playing after a set time, or try Spotify’s curated “Sleep” playlists and podcasts.

Is calm free on Spotify?

A: Yes, Spotify offers free access to Calm’s sleep stories along with other relaxing podcasts and sounds to help you sleep.

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