20 Podcasts on Spotify for Fast Cleaning

Cleaning can be fun!

Instead of cleaning quietly and feeling bored, put on headphones and listen to fun Spotify podcasts.

The podcasts will keep you happy while you clean your room or house.

Some podcasts give good tips about getting organized and putting things away neatly.

Others talk about ways to let go of clutter or messy stuff you don’t need. You can even find podcasts that make cleaning relaxing, like meditation.

The best part is you pick what podcast to play next when you finish cleaning one space. With fun podcasts playing as you work, cleaning might become something you look forward to!

Top 20 best podcasts on spotify clean

  • The Minimalists – This podcast features Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus discussing living a meaningful life with less stuff. Their meditative style is perfect for tuning in while you declutter and clean.
  • Stuff You Should Know – Hosts Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant break down interesting topics in an engaging way. Their conversational style makes learning feel fun, not like a lecture, so you’ll stay entertained while tidying up.
  • Happier with Gretchen Rubin – Author Gretchen Rubin and her sister Elizabeth Craft share their expertise on building better habits. Their research-backed advice will give you tips for keeping your home neat and establishing cleaning routines.
  • The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up – Marie Kondo’s iconic book come to life! Hear KonMari method fundamentals while you follow along and purge items that don’t “spark joy.” Her soothing voice will keep you focused as you tidy.
  • The Home Ec Podcast – Cohosts Jeff Wilson and Gabriela NOW provide lighthearted tips and unconventional wisdom for maintaining domestic tranquility. Their banter about the productiveness of cleaning will make chores breezy.
  • The Organized Mama – Host Becky Rapinchuk shares real-life organizing advice for keeping a tidy home with kids. Her calm guidance on decluttering toy rooms and family spaces is the perfect motivation while cleaning.
  • A Slob Comes Clean – recovering slob Dana K. White offers friendly tips and tricks for neatening up efficiently. Her non-judgemental style makes tasks like wiping down sinks or folding laundry seem manageable.
  • ClutterBug – Audio version of Erin Rooney Doland’s advice for customizing organizing methods based on your habits. Listen to identify your “bug” type while sorting papers or tidying up clutter-prone areas.
  • Atomic Habits – James Clear’s popular book on building better behaviors, distilled into podcast form. Absorb his insights on maintaining positive routines while scrubbing down kitchens or bathrooms.
  • The Lazy Genius – Host Kendra Adachi shares wisdom and gentle humor on doing what matters most. Let her give you permission to relax while you restore order so you can get back to more meaningful things.
  • Clean with Me – Host Melissa Maker shares her journey from self-proclaimed “messy housewife” to a cleaning expert. Her motivating mix of music and cleaning tips will make straightening any room more enjoyable.
  • The Cleaning Culture – Experts Allie Casazza and KariAnne Wood tackle decluttering and organization. Their step-by-step guidance delivered in a punchy format is ideal for listening while tidying kitchens or closets.
  • The Complete Guide to Everything – Comedians Tim Daniels and Tom Reynolds tackle humor and riff on an array of topics, from cleaning tools to decluttering. Their witty banter is entertainment gold while washing windows or dusting.
  • Matt & Mattingly’s Ice Cream Social – Mike Mattingly and Paul Mattingly engage in silly hypotheticals and debates that are sure to provide laughs. Let their playful chatter make mundane tasks like folding laundry speed by.
  • Spiceworks – The unofficial IT podcast provides tech news mixed with irreverent workplace humor. Their insightful segments provide mental stimulation while doing repetitive chores like wiping down counters.
  • Ask a Clean Person – Host Jolie Kerr answers listener questions on removing stains, cleaning dilemmas, and product recommendations. Her specific troubleshooting advice is helpful context while scrubbing spots or stains.
  • Fly LadyPodcast – Best-selling author FlyLady provides bite-sized inspiration for making progress on chores. Her friendly coaching will keep you motivated as you polish furniture or sweep floors.
  • A Thoughtful House – Popular Konmari consultant Fumio Sasaki shares minimalist wisdom and organizing tips. Listen while sorting through kitchen gadgets or clothes as he reminds you to only keep beloved items.
  • The Soulful Home Podcast – Educator and designer Devon Young gives spiritual insights on creating peaceful, clutter-free spaces. Contemplate her words on simplicity while folding linens or tidying cluttered areas.
  • Love People Use Things – Host Carla Crash helps identify mindset shifts to change consumption and maintenance habits long-term. As you clean each room, reflect on her advice for sustainable living choices within your home.

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What if I don’t have a Spotify account?

A: Many of these shows are available on other podcast apps like Apple Podcasts or Stitcher, usually for free.

A: Search keywords like “cleaning”, “decluttering”, “organizing” or the show names recommended in the article.

Can I listen to podcasts while cleaning if I don’t have wireless headphones?

A: Yes, you can play podcasts out loud over a speaker if you don’t have wireless headphones to plug into your phone. Just connect your phone to a Bluetooth speaker in the room you’re cleaning.

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