Top 10 Best podcasts on spotify for communication

Effective communication is essential for professional success, meaningful relationships, and greater influence.

From in-depth expert interviews about charismatic public speaking to tactics for resolving conflict, Spotify offers insightful communication podcasts.

Shows like Captivate, The Art of Charm, and The Hidden Brain provide science-backed techniques to better connect through improving listening, crafting engaging stories, handling small talk, building rapport quickly, and more.

Tune into these podcasts for vital tips to enhance your messaging and interpersonal abilities through self-awareness.

Sharpening your communication capacity can help you gain confidence to clearly convey ideas, foster understanding, inspire change, or pitch persuasively.

The Crucial Role of Communication in Your Life

Communication allows for expressing needs, building relationships, influencing change, and clarifying misunderstandings. Podcasts like Captivate, The Art of Charm, and The Hidden Brain offer vital tips to enhance messaging and interpersonal skills through self-awareness. Tuning into science-backed techniques for improving listening, storytelling, rapport building and more can help you gain confidence to clearly convey ideas, foster understanding, and connect better professionally and personally.

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The Best Podcasts to Improve Communication Skills

Here are the top 10 Best Podcasts to Improve Communication Skills on spotify.

#01 Captivate

Vanessa Van Edwards teaches research-backed skills so your messaging inspires people to listen and relate better in all areas of life – professionally, socially, and romantically. Packed with interesting facts about human behavior, Vanessa offers easy tricks to decode body language, have effortless conversations, tell memorable stories, and use your voice and humor skillfully so people connect with your authentic self. With short, practical episodes, you learn frameworks that help build self-awareness and a charismatic presence to come across as warm, approachable, and captivating.

#02 The Art of Charm

AJ Harbinger interviews psychology experts about concrete ways to improve your people skills through practicing confidence, active listening, and speaking clearly. AJ and guests provide lots of examples of unpacking common communication sticking points related to shyness, discomfort, or nerves. With come-as-you-are empathy, the show covers fundamental basics like overcoming fear of judgment, building social courage, and developing rapport quickly. Offering actionable lessons anyone can apply in professional or personal contexts, the show helps articulate ideas smoothly, network intentionally and influence people through understanding motivations.

#03 The Hidden Brain

Hosted by NPR’s Shankar Vedantam, this show reveals the unconscious patterns behind human behavior shaping assumptions embedded in language and relationships. Blending compelling stories with the latest research studies, Shankar examines the psychological drives behind miscommunication. He offers novel lenses exposing automatic thinking guiding the collective social psyche across timely issues. By illuminating hidden shortcuts the mind takes, Shankar provides self-awareness to improve how you relate at work, at home, and in communities.

#04 Conversation Sparks

Communications expert and executive coach Cecilia Gatto directly tackles everyday interactions using entertaining exchanges, immediate takeaways, and insightful guest interviews. Cecilia breaks down the exact phrases and questions to further connect through active listening, thoughtful feedback, and shared vulnerability. Whether making small talk effortless or resolving conflict through nonviolent communication, her concrete examples teach frameworks towards increased influence, satisfaction, and belonging in your conversations.

#05 The Jordan Harbinger Show

As a former Wall Street lawyer and gifted schmoozer, Jordan Harbinger talks about social intelligence and interpersonal skills with world-class experts. Blending brain science with flaming hot takes, they discuss advanced rapport building and reading people. Jordan exposes communication blind spots around defensiveness, texting, difficult conversations, and more. He offers clever tools using storytelling, humor, and “conversational jiu-jitsu” that make applying lessons second nature. Even beyond the banter, takeaways stick to negotiating smoothly, connecting deeply, and speaking confidently.

#06 Speak Easily

Host Amy Woods donates her professional speaking secrets honed through 500+ talks. Blending personal experience overcoming stage fright with public speaking research studies, Amy provides a toolbox of actionable ideas for remarkable presence. From carefully crafting content for impact to adjusting your delivery through body language and voice modulation, practical episodes build communicative confidence whether chatting with a colleague or presenting to a crowd.

#07 Beyond the Words

Leadership communications coach Claire Watson equips professionals to craft compelling messages and confidently deliver them through the power of strategic storytelling. Claire trains executives on effectively framing vision and ideas to motivate teams by appealing to emotions and logic. Through research-informed narratives accelerating connection and recall, she provides frameworks on pitching persuasively, facilitating engaging meetings and eloquently managing Q&As even during disruption.

#08 Communication Breakthrough

Speech pathologist Michelle Mackey simplifies the neuroscience behind stuttering, vocal strain, and nervous rambling to offer treatments to improve flow. Blending personal experience overcoming speech impediments with concrete training, Michelle removes communication roadblocks like perfectionism or imposter syndrome holding back vocalization. Through non-obvious public speaking tools, practical vocal exercises and mindset shifts cultivating courage, Michelle helps you find your true voice.

#09 The Words You Should Know Podcast

Host Will Carmichael increases vocabulary around popular and lesser-known words for better articulation of nuanced ideas. Will provides memorable mnemonic devices and relatable real-world examples cementing new word usage contextually. Building language acumen and verbal fluency, listeners gain refined diction allowing more academic, professional, and casual conversational precision. Lessons in etymology reveal fascinating histories unlocking richer meaning to language mastery.

#10 Talk About Talk

Dr. Andrea Wojnicki draws on her double life as a corporate communications professor and stand-up comedian to deliver usable talk tips spanning confidence through clarity. Blending scholarly expertise, industry experience, and humor, Andrea breaks down both best practices and pitfalls around messaging. Whether email etiquette, virtual presenting, handling humor/sarcasm, or persuasive pitching, actionable lessons help strategically share ideas, tell stories, and provide feedback.


Yes, podcasts build skills by teaching techniques to better speak, write, listen, influence, connect, and understand others.

Podcasts offer tips to improve storytelling, body language, vocabulary, voice, empathy, verbal fluency, and more communication capacities.

Podcasts allow learning active listening, rapport building, public speaking, and interpersonal skills on the go through engaging expert interviews and actionable frameworks.

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