Top 15 best podcasts on spotify for confidence

Do you want to feel more confident and self-assured?

Do you feel shy or nervous when talking to people or going out in public?

Some great Spotify podcasts can help with that. The Confidence Code breaks down what confidence means and how to build it.

The Life Coach School talks about learning to trust yourself more. UnF*ck Your Brain helps quiet those negative voices in your head.

The Marie Forleo Podcast gives tips for feeling empowered to live your best life. Listening to episodes on confidence, self-esteem, and personal growth can inspire you and give you real strategies to gain composure and poise.

Check out these podcasts if you want to improve your self-confidence!

Why Self-Confidence Matters More Than You Think

Self-confidence matters more than you think. Possessing a strong sense of self-confidence can have a profound impact on nearly every aspect of your life. From your career prospects to your relationships and overall well-being, self-confidence plays an instrumental role.

Yet many people underestimate or overlook the power of self-confidence. They may believe it’s something you either have or you don’t, failing to recognize the influence it wields over outcomes. Or they may associate self-confidence with arrogance or ego, not appreciating its nuances.

But self-confidence, in proper measure, can empower you and open up possibilities that may otherwise seem out of reach. It enables you to take chances, pursue goals, and withstand setbacks.

The Best Podcasts for Confidence

#01 The Confidence Code

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The Confidence Code breaks down the myths about confidence and teaches actionable tips to build real and lasting self-assurance. Hosts Claire Shipman and Katty Kay examine the science behind confidence, like how to create “confidence habits” through practice and repetition. They provide advice to combat limiting self-doubts through empowering inner dialogues. Their straight forward style connects with listeners through candid storytelling. The Confidence Code gives you the tools to quiet your inner critic, take calculated risks, and pursue healthier relationships – critical for success.

#02 UnF*ck Your Brain

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Hosted by faith healer turned life coach Kara Loewentheil, UnF*ck Your Brain helps “rewire” your thinking through understandable neuroscience and psychology. Kara teaches how to recognize and overcome negative thought patterns holding you back. Her humorous, irreverent style puts big concepts into everyday language. By examining core unhealthy narratives like perfectionism, fear, and self-doubt, Kara offers specific mental techniques to transform self-limiting stories. Implementing these practical thought exercises builds self-trust to take bold, fulfilling action.

#03 The Marie Forleo Podcast

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With straight talk yet warmth, Marie Forleo makes each listener feel like her close friend. She offers life lessons to stop playing small and start living fully. Marie translates high-level business training into useful and fun life guidance. Through vulnerable interviews, she extracts guests’ wisdom as she counsels them too. Discussing broader themes around confidence like contribution, creativity, and intimacy, Marie provides use-it-today tips for self-improvement. Her passion jumps through the microphone to inspire you to expand your goals and define success on your own terms.

#04 The Life Coach School Podcast

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Through a research-based curriculum, life coach and teacher Brooke Castillo examines limiting beliefs getting in the way of confidence. Grounded in neuroscience, psychology, and personal experience, her actionable teachings build self-trust to meet life’s obstacles. Brooke delves into heavy topics lightly through lots of humor and straight talk. She specializes in transforming relationships, productivity, health, and finance by changing thought patterns. Brooke reframes concepts like vulnerability and failure as opportunities through coached inner dialogues. Her relatable style makes implementing confidence habits feel possible.

#05 Goal Digger

Goal Digger

Host Jenna Kutcher brings enthusiasm and authenticity while interviewing successful entrepreneurs like herself. Though mainly a business podcast, Jenna’s candid conversations uncover broader life lessons from her guests around boldness, self-belief, and empowerment. She reframes fear and anxiety as productive forces for good. Jenna has the confidence to take the initiative – whether asking for a raise, pitching an investor, or posting publicly. Weaving interviews with solo episodes, she offers actionable ideas to trust your talents. Jenna makes clear that through consistent courageous moves, confidence grows.

#06 The Happiness Lab

The Happiness Lab

Host Dr. Laurie Santos draws from scientific research and her Yale course Psychology and the Good Life to share practical ways to build confidence. Blending humor and empathy, Laurie explores topics like how our brain sabotages success through cognitive biases. By examining common psychological obstacles we all face, lessons teach how to recalibrate our thinking. Laurie offers evidence-based strategies to overcome roadblocks, manage anxiety, and second-guess yourself less. Boosting your mental fitness builds motivation, helps tune out naysayers, and focus on meaningful goals. The Happiness Lab gives you the tools to feel more self-assured in reaching your potential.

#07 The Rich Roll Podcast

The Rich Roll Podcast

Ultra-athlete Rich Roll interviews world-class performers about what makes them tick. Digging into the backstories of writers, thinkers, and health experts, Rich extracts actionable guidelines for success. Often circling back to pivotal mindset shifts, guests describe transforming fear into positive stress that fuels excellence. Discussing broader wellness, Rich makes clear that self-confidence radiates from holistic habits of proper rest, nutrition, and mental health. Approachable despite high achievements, Rich and his friends map out how bold long-vision thinking powers self-belief to manifest ambitions once deemed impossible.

#08 The Franish Podcast

Hosted by entrepreneur and blogger Franish Austin, this show gives tangible tips for business and life paired with vulnerable conversations. Frankish questions guests about getting confident after imposter syndrome, failure, or toxic relationships. From money issues to parenting, she explores overcoming resistance to put yourself out there. Franish offers ways to release perfectionism, manage sensitivity, and trust your voice deserves to be heard. By mixing big-picture mission setting with mindset shifts, she provides a formula to grow bolder. You’ll learn to advocate for what you need while dismissing self-doubt.

#09 The Dave Ramsey Show

The Dave Ramsey Show

America’s trusted voice on money, Dave Ramsey doles direct advice to get financially fit and debt-free. While on the surface a personal finance show, his lessons instill confidence by removing major life stressors. Teaching everything from budgeting, saving, giving, and investing, Dave helps construct financial foundations. A central message infuses developing an abundance mindset over scarcity fears. Once providing for basic needs, Dave urges getting clear on a bigger purpose. Guiding callers in practical next-action steps, he emboldens you to feel secure to reach meaningful goals.

#10 Against the Rules with Michael Lewis

Renowned author Michael Lewis hosts conversations illuminating what drives human behavior to break the rules. Looking at famous icons like coaches, referees, and underdog athletes, Michael examines moral courage. He explores the self-trust required to go against the grain for ethical reasons. Michael breaks down barriers as mere mental constructs. He finds common threads of questioning assumed limitations. Michael inspires shaking off self-doubt to do what’s right, not easy. By unveiling the inner workings of confidence, the show reveals how believing in your convictions permits success.

#11 The Mentor with Mark Bouris

Veteran Australian businessman Mark Bouris interviews high-profile founders, CEOs, and thought-leaders to extract their success mindsets. Mark curates elevated wisdom around fulfillment, productivity, and career growth. While decoding accomplished guests’ journeys, he highlights pivotal self-empowerment moments in their development. Mark draws out practical tools for navigating risky decisions, constructive setbacks, and tunnel vision traps. Relatably candid despite fame, guests open up about self-doubt struggles on their rise. Mark underscores that by building resilient self-belief, you can actualize audacious goals.

#12 The Psychology Podcast

Hosted by professor and psychotherapist Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman, this research-based show explores ways psychology can enhance your life. Combining scientific evidence from positive psychology and neuroscience with captivating storytelling, Scott demystifies concepts like self-esteem. He offers evidence-backed ways to challenge negative self-talk by reframing failures as feedback. Scott believes we can all achieve excellence by unleashing untapped potential. By teaching science-of-character strengths like courage, perseverance, and creativity, the show provides insights to boldly pursue meaningful aspirations.

#13 The School of Greatness

The School of Greatness

Hosted by bestselling author, lifestyle entrepreneur, and former pro-athlete Lewis Howes, the show reveals playbooks of the world’s highest achievers. Lewis explores guests’ origin stories and obstacles overcome, highlighting self-empowering breakthroughs. His masterful interview style extracts vulnerable conversations around self-limiting mindsets. Lewis links journeys across business, health, creative passion, and relationships back to individual drives for greatness. He offers tactical ways to grow more courageous, abundant, and resilient. You’ll learn to transform inner critic doubts into fuel toward ambitious visions.

#14 The Happier with Gretchen Rubin Podcast

The Happier with Gretchen Rubin Podcast

No-nonsense happiness expert Gretchen Rubin banters with her sister Elizabeth Craft about applying research-backed habits towards better living. Approaching wellbeing as a skill to hone, together they brainstorm practical steps to gain composure. Whether examining strategies authors use to gain confidence finishing books or how speakers calm nerves before big talks, Gretchen and Elizabeth demystify the illusion of overnight success. Unpacking why we self-sabotage, they offer insights to build self-trust. You’ll gain permission to censor destructive self-narratives blocking satisfaction.

#15 The Emily P. Freeman Podcast

The Emily P. Freeman Podcast

Author, poet, and podcaster Emily P. Freeman blends memoir, mindfulness, and manifesting to provide spiritual life guidance. Emily grounds big-picture visioning into step-by-step actualization. She offers a roadmap for overcoming doubt, anxiety, and unrealistic expectations feeding imposter syndrome. Getting mega personal fast, Emily moves fluidly from discussing motivation blocks to setting bold creative goals. Emily pushes us to embrace messiness on the path to finding our voice and values. You’ll learn to release comparing yourself to live more meaningfully assured.


Lack of confidence means not fully believing in yourself and your abilities. This makes it hard to try new things or pursue what you want.

Ask yourself – do you frequently doubt yourself, avoid risks, or feel you’re not good enough? That’s low confidence. But self-assurance exists on a scale, so you can strengthen it.

Absolutely – confidence comes with trying new skills and welcoming positive feedback. Also, catching and reframing self-criticism builds self-belief over time.

Podcasts with stories of success, ideas for managing fear or anxiety, and tips for taking small risks can all foster confidence and growth through listening. Confidence builds by practicing the concepts discussed.

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