Can you see who views your Spotify playlist or profile?

Can you see who views your Spotify playlist or profile? Have you ever wondered who is listening in on your musical tastes? I certainly have on more occasions than I can count. Just the other day a friend mentioned a song I was certain I had never shared with them. Yet somehow it had made its way from my ultra-private Spotify playlist to their eardrums.

At first, I thought I must be going crazy. There’s no way Spotify shows people what I’m listening to…right? Well after a rather concerning Google search spiral, I uncovered something surprising. There’s more listener overlap going on than you’d expect.

While Spotify doesn’t have a built-in way to see who is following your playlist, that doesn’t mean your listening habits aren’t being exposed. From shared connections on Facebook to music industry analytics tracking broader trends, what we listen to isn’t quite as confidential as the privacy settings would suggest.

Can I see who looks at my Spotify profile or playlists?

Sometimes, we all wonder who might be checking out our Spotify profiles and deciding what they think of our music choices. Your Spotify profile and all the playlists you make public are like a way of showing others what you’re into. So, it’s normal to wonder if friends, co-workers, crushes, or even people you don’t get along with have taken a peek to see what kind of music you like.

Unfortunately, Spotify doesn’t give you any ability to see who views your profile or playlists. As the account owner, you have no way to identify individual profile visitors. You can’t tell if your latest playlist share was ignored or caught the ear of someone special.

You do get some non-specific signals – follower numbers, aggregated playlist listeners, etc. But there’s no transparency around the individual users tuning in. Spotify’s stance is to provide overall listening metrics while protecting follower privacy.

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Can you see who listens to your Spotify podcast?

We pour our souls into creating Spotify podcasts – researching topics, writing scripts, editing episodes, and promoting our shows. But there’s one thing Spotify doesn’t allow us podcast hosts to see: exactly WHO is listening.

Once you distribute your podcast through Spotify, the streaming service gives general analytics like download numbers, follower growth, and content ratings. Useful metrics for sure.

However, no functionality lets you identify specific listeners. You have no way to tell if old colleagues, distant relatives, or even celeb crushes have popped in those earbuds and tuned in. Are listeners binging the back catalog or just sampling the latest episode? The podcaster sits in the dark.

While Spotify plays its podcast listener cards close to the vest, some strategic sleuthing can uncover clues.

Whether you have a solo passion project podcast or host a chart-topping production, understanding your Spotify podcast metrics is key.

Does Spotify show podcasts on friend activity?

No, Spotify does not show your friends’ podcast activity in your main friend activity feed. Unlike music, Spotify currently does not share podcast listening activity even among friends.

When you look at the Friend Activity feed within Spotify, you’ll see recently played songs and playlists from people you follow. This gives a glimpse into the music your friends are streaming.

However, podcasts are exempt from this feed. So if your friend listens to several episodes of a podcast, it will not show up in their activity that you can view. Even if you follow each other, Spotify does not expose podcast subscriptions, downloads, or listening sessions.

The only way to know what podcasts someone listens to is if they intentionally share it with you separately from Spotify. So if your friend mentions a podcast they’re enjoying outside the app, you’ll know. But Spotify itself does not incorporate pods into the Friend Activity transparency by design.

Can you see what someone is listening to on Spotify without following them

No, you cannot see what someone is listening to on Spotify without following them. Spotify prioritizes user privacy, so someone’s currently playing song and listening activity is only visible if they intentionally make it public.

The only way to see another user’s real-time Spotify activity is if they enable “Public Listening” in their settings. This makes their listening session viewable by anyone. But it has to be actively turned on – it’s off by default.

And even followers can’t view someone’s full listening history – only the current song playing if public listening is on.

How To Hide Your Playlist On Spotify

Hide Your Playlist On Spotify
Picture Credit: Spotify E Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide to hiding your playlist on Spotify so others cannot view it:

Step 1: Open Your Playlist

  • Open the Spotify app and go to “Your Library
  • Scroll down and click on the playlist you want to hide

Step 2: Access Playlist Settings

  • While viewing your playlist, click the three dots (…) menu in the upper right corner
  • Select “Edit playlist” in the dropdown menu

Step 3: Toggle to Private

  • This will open the playlist edit settings
  • Under privacy settings, toggle the button to “Private”
  • This means only you can view and play the playlist

Step 4: Save Your Changes

  • After setting the playlist to private, click “Save”
  • Confirm the change by selecting “Save” again when Spotify prompts you

Step 5: Verify Playlist Privacy

  • Completely close out of the playlist and search for it by name
  • You should not be able to find or access the playlist in any search
  • That confirms your playlist is now successfully hidden and private!


Can you see who views your Spotify playlist?

No. Spotify only shows total listener numbers – not individual profile data.

Does Spotify show who listens to your music?

No. Your Spotify listener data remains private unless you enable sharing.

What podcast listener stats does Spotify provide?

Spotify supplies aggregate podcast download stats without individual listener details.

Last Words

In closing, Spotify purposefully limits transparency into listener data and activity to respect user privacy. While creators can access overall performance metrics, individual listener identities and habits remain obscured from view. So if you’re curious exactly who tapped play on your playlists or podcasts, unfortunately, Spotify won’t satisfy that curiosity. The platform values privacy over granular access, keeping the streamer data safely anonymous.

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