How to combine Spotify Accounts (Easy method)

How to combine Spotify Accounts: Do you have more than one Spotify account? Do you wish you could put all your playlists and favorites into one account? If so, you can merge your Spotify accounts. This lets you combine everything into just one account. It might take a few steps, and one account will go away. But merging them means all your music will be in one place.

This makes Spotify much easier to use. Now you don’t have to switch between accounts to find certain songs or playlists.

Read this article to learn how to combine two Spotify accounts.

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How to combine two Spotify accounts Android/iOS

Here’s a short, step-by-step guide for how to merge Spotify accounts on Android or iOS:

  1. Open Spotify on your main account’s device.
  2. Go to your Account overview. On Android, tap on your profile picture. On iOS, tap the settings icon.
  3. Tap Switch or Log Out. (Note this will not delete your account.)
  4. Open Spotify on the device with the account you want to merge.
  5. Repeat steps 1-3 on the account you want to move.
  6. Go back to the main account device and log in. This is the one you wish to keep.
  7. Tap “I want to combine my accounts.”
  8. Sign into the account you’re moving. Agree to the terms.
  9. Your accounts are now merged into one! You can access all playlists, favorites, and library items in the kept account.

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How to combine two Spotify accounts Desktop/Macbook

Here are the steps to merging Spotify accounts on Desktop or Mac:

  1. Open the Spotify desktop app and log into the account you want to keep
  2.  Click your profile name and select “Log Out”
  3.  Log into the Spotify account you wish to merge
  4.  Click your profile name and select “Log Out”
  5.  Log back into the main account you want to keep
  6.  Click your profile name and select “Combine with another account”
  7.  Enter log in details of other accounts and agree to the Terms & Conditions
  8.  Verify the merge by entering the password for the other account
  9.  Confirm you want playlists/favorites from other accounts added
  10.  The accounts and related data are now merged! Content from both accounts will be available in the kept account
  • Log out of both accounts first
  •  Log back into the main account you want to keep
  •  Initiate merge from the kept account
  •  Agree to data from other accounts being added

How to merge two Spotify accounts into the family account

Here are the steps to merge two Spotify accounts into a Spotify Family Premium account:

  1. Go to and log into the account you want to be the Family manager.
  2. Go to account settings and click “Change Plan”. Upgrade to Spotify Family.
  3. Under “Invite members”, add the email address or username of the other account you want to merge.
  4. Log out of the Family Manager account.
  5. Log into the other Spotify account you added to Family Premium.
  6. Accept the invitation to join the Family Premium plan.
  7. In account settings, click “Transfer Playlists to Family Owner”. Confirm transfer.
  8. Log back into the Family Manager account. The playlists and favorites will now be available in this account.
  • Upgrade one account to Family Premium.
  • Invite a second account to the Family Plan.
  • Transfer playlists from the second account to the Family manager.
  • Content will be merged into the Family manager’s library.


Can you combine Spotify accounts with family?

Yes, you can invite another Spotify account to join your Spotify Family Premium plan. This allows you to combine content across accounts under the family.

Can we merge 2 Spotify accounts?

Strictly speaking, Spotify does not allow the merging of 2 individual accounts. However, you can transfer content from one account to another by adding both accounts under a Spotify Family Premium plan.

Can I transfer the Spotify account to a family account?

Yes, when you add an individual Spotify account to a Spotify Family Premium plan, you have the option to transfer playlists, favorites, and other data to the family manager’s account.

How do I connect two Spotify accounts at the same time?

You cannot log into two separate Spotify accounts simultaneously. However, by adding accounts to the same Spotify Family plan, you can access content from different accounts through the family manager account after transferring data.

Last Words

In closing, while Spotify does not allow a direct merge of two individual accounts, the Spotify Family Premium plan provides a workaround to effectively combine libraries.

By inviting accounts to the family and transferring content to the manager, you can centralize playlists, favorites, and listening activities across different profiles under one umbrella account.

This allows you to manage and access all your music in one place, even if it originated from separate Spotify identities. So with some simple steps, you can unite your listening experience.

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