5 Spotify Easter Eggs You Need to Try

Have you ever tried finding secret easter eggs on Spotify?

I haven’t either for the longest time. But recently I discovered that Spotify has some cool hidden features that act like fun little easter eggs to enhance your listening experience.

So if you haven’t explored Spotify’s easter eggs yet, don’t worry – this actionable guide will walk you through 5 awesome easter eggs that Spotify has to offer.

You don’t need any crazy hacker skills to do them.

Ready to go on a fun musical egg hunt? Get your headphones and let’s start!

5 Best Easter Eggs On Spotify

Whether you have a free or premium Spotify account, you can unlock cool benefits by trying these top 5 Easter eggs on Spotify.

1: Star Wars Easter Egg

If you are a Spotify user but haven’t discovered easter eggs on Spotify, you’re missing out on part of the experience.

This feature enhances your music journey. Earlier when you opened Spotify you could just put a code on Spotify like “THX1138” and enjoy the lightsabers but Spotify launched a recent update and in this update, the activation method for Spotify easter eggs is completely changed.

In this guide, I will provide a complete detail on how you can access the star wars easter egg.


If you are following my steps you will open a Spotify application on your desktop, but you can also do this on your mobile devices, so mostly the process is same.

Step 01: First of all open the Spotify application on your desktop.

Spotify Easter Eggs
Picture Credit: Spotify E Guide

Step 02: Click on the left side “Search bar” option.

A green arror point to the search button on spotify desktop option
Picture Credit: Spotify E guide

Step 03: Type In this search bar “star wars easter egg” and click on the search button. You will see a Star Wars playlist on Spotify click on this playlist.

A green arror point to the search button on spotify desktop option
Picture Credit: Spotify E guide

Step 04: After clicking on this playlist you will see a list of songs available on this playlist.

a whole list of songs available on this best of star wars playlist.
Picture Credit: Spotify E Guide

Step 05: Now choose one of your favorite songs and click to play button in this Star Wars playlist.

Step 06: Your work almost is done. After playing any song now hover the mouse on the progress bar like below.

a green arrow point to the song progress line
Picture credit: Spotify E Guide

Step 07: Now enjoy your lightsaber feature on Spotify.

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2. Stranger Things Easter eggs

Stranger Things is a popular TV show on Netflix, and if you go to Spotify, you can find its separate playlist.

When you play any song from this playlist, you’ll be surprised to see a flashlight effect on the song.

However, this flashlight effect only works once. If you do not have experience of how to do it, don’t worry!

I’m here to help you.

Follow these step-by-step guides to activate the Stranger Things Easter eggs on Spotify. Let’s jump into it without wasting any time!

Step 01: Open the Spotify application on your PC or mobile.

Spotify Easter Eggs
Picture Credit: Spotify E Guide

Step 02: Click the search button on the left side of the Spotify desktop application.

Stranger Things Easter eggs
Picture credit: Spotify E Guide

Step 03: Type “Stranger Things Playlist” on the search bar and press the enter button on your desktop.

a green arrow point to the search bar
Picture credit: Spotify E Guide

Step 04: Click on the first playlist.

A green arrow point to the playlist
Picture Credit: Spotify E guide

Step 05: Here you will see a list of songs on this playlist like below.

a green arrow point to the multiple song available on spotify playlist
Picture Credit: Spotify E guide

Step 06: Now you have successfully landed in your last destination enjoy your Spotify easter egg in the form of a flashlight. This light appears for a short time on your screen.

Stranger Things Easter eggs
Picture Credit: Spotify E Guide

3: Winter Easter Egg

When Christmas arrives in winter, Spotify launched a Winter Easter Egg for a short period.

This Easter egg Spotify launched in December 2019, and this is only seen for a short time on the progress bar.

At this period, Spotify’s progress bar shows like a candy bar with snowfall drops on the screen.

4: Nyan Cat Easter Egg

Spotify launched a new Easter egg on Spotify in 2011 called the Nyan Cat Easter egg.

If you want to see the cat Easter egg on your Spotify application you can play the Nyan Cat song, because when you play the Nyan Cat song, you will see it in the progress bar.

5: Pride Easter Egg

In June 2018, designated as Pride Month, Spotify rolled out a new Easter egg to show support for and honor the LGBTQ+ community. This “Pride Easter Egg” was activated in Spotify apps across many countries during that month.

When users raised the volume to high levels while playing a song, the volume slider transformed into a rainbow of colors. Slogans like “Loud and Proud” and “Never Turn It Down Again” would also randomly display on the screen over the album artwork. These pride-themed visual effects aimed to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community through subtle in-app surprises tied to turning up the music.

The launching of this Easter egg aligned with Spotify’s efforts to express allyship and provide special recognition of Pride Month. It served as a means of incorporating pride symbols and messages seamlessly into the listening experience. Anytime the volume went up, users were shown a brief but empowering reminder of LGBTQ+ pride and self-expression.

Benefits Of Spotify Easter Eggs

These Easter eggs have some nice benefits:

  • They make using Spotify more enjoyable. The surprises bring a smile when you play songs.
  • They reward curiosity. When you explore Spotify, you may unlock neat animations.
  • They connect music to real-world events. For example, an Easter egg could show Pride flags during Pride Month.
  • They encourage sharing fun moments with friends. If you find an Easter egg, you can show your friends how you got there.
  • They give Spotify some personality! Small extras like this make Spotify feel a bit more human.
  • They reward paying attention. If you notice small details as songs play, you may catch an Easter egg you otherwise would have missed.
  • They encourage exploration within playlists too. It’s not just something for searching – try out different artists and albums already on Spotify.
  • They make songs more interactive. Tapping, scrolling, and hovering over things may reveal special effects you can control yourself.
  • They teach about different holidays and events. An Easter egg can provide a quick digital lesson about what’s being celebrated.
  • They may include clues or hints. Details in the animation could hint at new song releases, hidden features, or even password puzzles leading to more surprises.

Last Words

Spotify Easter eggs are extra fun bonuses throughout the app that make listening more enjoyable, encourage deeper exploration, teach new things, and sometimes even unlock cool hidden surprises you can share with your friends! Keep your eyes peeled as you use Spotify—you never know where you may find one of these clever little eggs nesting in a playlist or song screen. Happy musical Easter egg hunting!

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