How to Embed a Spotify Playlist in Notion? (Android,iPhone, PC)

Do you have a favorite playlist on Spotify? Did you know you can add it to your Notion notes?

It’s really easy!

In this guide, I will share a complete detail related to how to embed a Spotify playlist in notion.

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Can you embed a Spotify playlist?

Yes, you can embed a Spotify playlist. Spotify provides an embed code for any public playlist that allows you to display that playlist on external websites, web documents, and other platforms that support embeds. So it is possible to take a Spotify playlist and embed it seamlessly into webpages and online tools like Notion, Google Docs, etc.

If you want to embed a Spotify playlist in Notion and do not have enough knowledge of how to do it just follow this simple guide and you can easily embed both devices.

First, open the Spotify playlist you want to embed. Click on the three dots menu (…) next to the playlist title, then select “Share” and click on the “Embed Playlist” then click on the copy button.

Embed a Spotify Playlist in Notion
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Now open the Notion page where you want to embed your playlist. Click on the “+” sign and select the “Embed” block type. This will insert an empty embed block. Then click inside the embed block, type “/” to bring up the slash command menu, and select “Embed link”.

In the embed block that was inserted, paste the full embed code you copied from Spotify. Make sure the entire embed script is pasted in, then press Enter. This will populate the embed block with a preview of your playlist.

Embed a Spotify Playlist in Notion
Picture Credit: Spotify E Guide

The Spotify playlist should now be successfully embedded! You can customize the embed appearance by dragging the corners to resize it or adding a title above explaining what it is. When viewing that Notion page, the playlist will be fully functional so others can play/pause, skip tracks, etc.

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Why did my Spotify playlist embed in Notion?

There are a few common reasons why your Spotify playlist may not be embedded properly in Notion:

  • Double Check Privacy Settings
  • First, ensure your Spotify playlist privacy is set to either “Public” or “Unlisted” – private playlists cannot be embedded. You need to generate a shareable embed code from Spotify which private playlists do not provide.
  • Verify Complete Embed Code
  • Make sure when copying the embed code from Spotify you grab the entire iframe string. It starts with <iframe src=” and ends with allow=”encrypted-media”>. Pasting an incomplete embed code could lead to errors.
  • Use Notion’s Embed Tool
  • Pasting the code directly into a Notion page often doesn’t work. Instead, use Notion’s built-in embed block found under the / menu. The embed tool better supports integrating iframe codes from Spotify and other sites.
  • Preview and Adjust Size
  • Once pasted into Notion’s embed tool, preview the playlist using the → icon and make sure to adjust sizing if needed via the block’s corner handles before inserting it onto your page.

If still having trouble, double-check the playlist privacy, refresh the Spotify embed code, and paste it again into a new embed block in Notion. This typically resolves any issues embedding your playlist.

The Benefits of Embedded Spotify Playlists in Notion

  • Boosts productivity
    The right music can help you focus, find flow, and better concentrate on work. Embedding playlists puts this productivity boost on tap.
  • Enhances creativity
    Certain songs spark new ideas and innovative thinking. By embedding Spotify you have this creative spark ready to help tackle projects or tasks.
  • Improves mood
    Music releases dopamine and emotions tied to memories. Embedded tunes can pick up your mood while working.
  • Adds ambiance
    Playlists create instant ambiance like a cozy cafe vibe for writing or an epic movie soundtrack for major projects.
  • Simplifies collaboration
    Share the embedded tunes with teammates so they experience the same musical aid.
  • Easy access
    Tunes play with one tap instead of toggling apps. But you still have playback controls.

The Top Reasons to Embed Your Spotify Playlists in Notion

  • Access Music Easily While Working
    Having your favorite playlist embedded keeps your tunes readily available so you can listen to motivating or relaxing music while taking notes, without having to toggle between apps.
  • Customize Your Workspace Ambiance
    Curate playlists that create the perfect ambiance for certain projects, then embed those vibes right into the relevant Notion page for an instant atmosphere when you open it.
  • Share Music With Teammates
    Collaborators viewing a Notion workspace can access the embedded tunes too and get the same musical experience you set up.
  • Tap Into the Power of Music
    Hearing beloved songs can boost dopamine, creativity, productivity, and more based on neuroscience. Embed this advantage directly into your productive Notion system.
  • Simplifies Music Streaming Access
    Rather than downloading songs or loading CDs, streaming from a cleanly embedded Spotify window lets you tap play at a touch to begin the tunes.


How do I put my Spotify songs on Notion?

You can add your Spotify playlist to Notion easily. First, click “Share” and then “Embed” on your playlist. Copy the special code. In Notion, paste it into the embed block under the slash menu. Then your tunes appear!

Why does my Spotify playlist not show up in Notion?

Check that your Spotify playlist setting lets anyone view it. Also, be sure you copied all the embed code. Paste the whole code into Notion’s embed tool, not just onto a page. Then preview it small enough to fit.

Can I place a mini Spotify player inside Notion?

Yes! The embed code from Spotify makes a mini Spotify player. It’s like a little music box just for your playlist. Paste the code in an embed block to see the mini Spotify window appear in Notion.

Spotify songs are not there when I paste them into Notion

Make sure the playlist online says “Public” so others can play it. Also paste the long code into an embed block, not just on the page. Preview it small too using the arrow and dots. This makes your Spotify jams show.

How do I know if my Spotify playlist is really embedded?

Click the arrow by the embed block. It gives a playlist preview. If you see the songs but can’t play them, check the code got pasted right. If they play, then it’s truly embedded and ready for you to jam to.

Final Words

In closing, embedding Spotify into Notion pages takes mere minutes while offering hours of musical motivation as you work. With tunes streamable at a click, you can boost focus, creativity, and joy right alongside your notes. So tap into playlists’ proven power to energize your productive Notion system simply by pasting a bit of embed code.

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