How to find Spotify presale codes 2024

How to find Spotify presale codes 2024: Have you ever wanted to buy tickets for a concert before your friends? Spotify sometimes gives out special codes so you can buy tickets early! These are called Spotify presale codes. Buying tickets early with a presale code is called a presale.

Getting presale codes for your favorite music shows can be tricky.

You just have to know where to look on Spotify to find secret ticket presale codes. Then you can use them to buy tickets before anyone else and get the best spots! We will show you step-by-step what to do.

So keep reading if you want to go to awesome concerts before your friends! Learn how to get Spotify presale codes sooner with special presale ticket codes just for you!

What is Spotify presale code?

When your favorite singer or band goes on tour, you have to buy tickets fast before they sell out! But sometimes Spotify lets their users buy tickets BEFORE everyone else.

This is called a presale. To get into the presale and buy tickets early, you need a special presale code.

Spotify presale codes are like secret passwords! They let you access ticket presales just for Spotify listeners. So you can get concert tickets before other people.

Getting a Spotify presale code means you can pick the very best seats before regular tickets go on sale. And your friends will wonder how you got such amazing tickets!

The presale codes usually come by email if you listen to an artist a lot on Spotify. Or they show up on Spotify’s website homepage too.

So that’s what a Spotify presale code is – a secret, special password to buy tickets faster. Keep reading to learn where to find Spotify presale codes for your favorite shows!

Why You Need A Spotify Presale Code:

Spotify presale codes let you buy tickets WAY earlier than everyone else. This gives you a bunch of great perks! Here’s why presale codes are so awesome:

  • Get the first pick of seats before anyone else! You can grab the spots right up front by the stage.
  • Buy tickets days or weeks before your friends can. You’ll have your tickets first!
  • Popular shows sell out fast! But with a presale code, you beat the rush. More chance to get tickets.
  • Feel like a music VIP with special ticket access other people don’t have.

So Spotify presale codes let you score the best seats in the house before regular fans. They make getting in to see your favorites much easier too since you skip the big rush.

Having a presale code is like having a backstage pass! It gets you into the concert before anyone else. Super cool and special.

Eligibility Criteria for find Spotify Presale Codes

Not everyone gets Spotify presale codes – you have to meet some rules first. Here’s who is eligible:

  • Only real Spotify users can get presale codes, not other music apps.
  • You need to listen to the artist a LOT on Spotify to get their presale code.
  • Spotify sends more codes to people who play that artist the most.
  • You must use a personal Spotify membership, not your family’s group plan.
  • Sometimes you need to follow the artist on Spotify too for presale access.

So you have to be a big fan of Spotify first! Spotify checks who listen to each artist tons before picking fans to give codes to.

The good news is listening to all your favorite singers on Spotify anyway is fun! Then someday you might get a presale code for front-row tickets. How cool would that be?!

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When does Spotify send presale codes?

So you want special concert tickets from Spotify’s presale before your friends? Here’s when to watch for secret presale codes:

The exact day and time codes come is always a surprise! But here’s when to hunt:

  • Check Spotify every single day once a new tour is first announced. This is when the presale codes randomly appear.
  • Codes typically show up 2-5 days before the actual presale starts.
  • Open Spotify app notifications so you never miss an artist’s presale code announcement.
  • Morning is a common time for new presale codes, but they can happen anytime.

So when your favorite singer says they are going on tour, get ready! Open Spotify daily to catch the presale code the second it pops up. This gets you exclusive access to tickets before everyone else.

Set a calendar reminder on tour announcement day and stay on the lookout. Happy presale ticket hunting!

How do I get the Spotify presale code?

Finding Spotify presale codes is easy – if you know where to look! Here is step-by-step what to do:

  • Use Spotify daily to listen to your favorite singers and bands a LOT. This gives you a better chance at codes!
  • When that artist announces a new tour, go check Spotify every day. Some places codes might appear:
  1. On that artist’s Spotify page
  2. On your Spotify homepage dashboard
  3. In special Spotify emails – check your inbox!
  • As soon as you a see presale code pop up on Spotify, write it down or take a screenshot! They look like random letters/numbers like “Ac7dEC3”.
  • Quickly go to the concert promoter’s website and find the presale page. Enter the code to access ticket buying early!
  • Buy your tickets! With your presale code, you can get the best spots for you and your friends.

So check Spotify daily leading up to when tickets go on presale. Codes pop up suddenly, so keep hunting! Use your code fast too since presales only last a short time.

How to get Spotify presale code for Ticketmaster

Lots of concerts use Ticketmaster when tickets go on sale. If your favorite show is being sold on Ticketmaster, here is how to access Spotify Presale Ticketmaster:

  1. Listen to the artist a ton on Spotify to boost your chances of getting a presale code.
  2. When the tour is announced, log into Spotify every day and check your homepage and the artist’s page for a presale code.
  3. You’ll see it listed as the “Spotify Presale Code”. Write it down exactly as shown. It will have letters and numbers like “SpOt1fYroCks!”
  4. Go to the Ticketmaster website and search for your concert listing.
  5. Look for and click on the link to access the Spotify Presale before regular sale dates open.
  6. Enter the Spotify Presale Code in the spot asked. This unlocks the ticket-buying page early!

Now you can shop for tickets before your friends with your special Spotify presale code for Ticketmaster concerts! It’s like having backstage VIP access!


Q: Where do I find my presale code on Spotify?
A: Check your homepage, artist pages, or emails from Spotify.

Q: How does Spotify decide who gets presale codes?
A: They reward fans who listen to that artist the most.

Q: Can I use a presale code more than once?
A: No, codes are only good for one ticket purchase.

Q: What if I miss the presale window to buy?
A: You’ll then have to buy tickets when they fully go on sale.

Q: Why should kids care about concert presales?
A: Presales let you get the best seats before anyone else!

Last Words

Keep using Spotify every single day to listen to your favorites. Check back often so you never miss special presale codes when announced.

Scoring awesome concert seats is fun and easy with a little help from Spotify! So stay tuned in to grab presale passes whenever your top music acts go on tour.

Thanks for reading! Now go crank up your favorite Spotify jams and start dreaming about your next live show! Rock on!

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