Top 10 Best Golf Podcasts on Spotify for Beginners to Pros

Do you want to take your golf game to the next level but aren’t sure how? After reading this article, you’ll have all the tips, tricks, and motivation you need to succeed.

Podcasts have exploded in popularity for good reason – Backlinko reports over 504.9 million people now tune into podcasts. This huge engaged audience makes podcasts a perfect medium for learning.

So without further ado, let’s jump right into the best golf podcasts available on Spotify.

What are golf podcasts?

A podcast is a free show you can listen to, just like the radio. Golf podcasts talk all about the sport of golf. They are made for people who want to get better at playing golf. The hosts of golf podcasts are usually professionals who know a lot about golf. Some hosts are top players, coaches, or golf TV show stars. In each golf podcast episode, they give golf tips, talk about golf news, share fun golf stories, interview pro golfers, discuss golf equipment, and more. So golf podcasts teach people about golf rules, skills, buying gear plus hear insider stories in a fun way, without having to watch.

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List of Top 10 Best Golf Podcasts on Spotify

These 10 most listened-to golf podcasts on spotify feature top teachers and happy gamers sharing how to play better golf and enjoy the game more.

#01: The Chasing Scratch Golf Podcast

The Chasing Scratch Golf Podcast
Picture credit: Spotify

The Chasing Scratch Golf Podcast features PGA professionals and coaches teaching ways to lower your handicap. Hosts speak slowly and clearly to cover concepts like proper grip, stance, swing planes, troubleshot recovery, putting techniques, specialty wedges, and more. They know teaching complex skills simply for all skill levels is key. Listeners submitting swing videos even get free pro feedback! The goal is to help you shoot nearer “scratch” (0 handicaps) through pro tips.

#02: Golf Subpar

Golf Subpar
Picture Credit: Spotify

Celebrity Golf Channel host Colt Knost teams with funny pro-Drew Stoltz to co-host Golf Subpar. Their laid-back conversations make hard golf ideas easy to understand for everyone. They tell crazy tour stories, talk about gear and equipment, preview big tournaments, and interview famous pro golfers like Rory McIlroy. Topics bounce all over, just like chaotic real golf banter between friends. Golf Subpar feels like playing alongside pros who know how to have fun.

#03: On Spec Golf Podcast

On Spec Golf Podcast
Picture Credit: Spotify

On Spec Golf Podcast goes super in-depth on golf equipment without getting overwhelming. Host Eric Smith’s curious, conversational style explores things like driver technology, iron design, wedge bounce principles, and ball compression clearly. He and expert guests simplify complicated concepts around custom fittings and mechanics using easy examples. You’ll learn how to dial in your gear for peak performance without needing to be a genius.

#04: Birdies Not BS Podcast

Podcast on spotify
Picture Credit: Spotify

Birdies Not BS offers golf tips from a beginner-friendly perspective while keeping things fun. Hosts Alison and Tisha both started golfing later as adults. So as passionate but average players, they break down unintimidating basics often assumed as common knowledge by some pros. Expect chatty advice on etiquette, rules, lingo, overcoming frustration, and more. Relatable laughs and encouragement keep you motivated listening through many 180+ episodes.

#05: Like Father Like Son Golf Podcast

As the name suggests, Like Father Like Son Golf Podcast stars passionate golf dad Mark Crossfield and Coach Liam, his teenage son. Their heartwarming family banter makes digesting course management, shot shaping and techniques feel livelier. Coach Liam’s emerging young talent actually helps simplify core methods for those struggling. Meanwhile, Crossfield’s veteran wisdom offers gentle guidance knowing not everyone picks up the game early. Their dynamic helps golf click.

#06: Playing Through Golf Podcast

Playing Through Golf Podcast spotlights everyday amateur golfers instead of big stars. Relaxed host Ryan Smith gathers buddies to swap humorous stories and vent about common frustrations faced by many recreational players. Get advice on affordable equipment, realistic practice strategies, or new mental tricks when you usually slice drives into ponds. The laidback attitudes make playing better feel more possible even if you have a crazy high handicap.

#07: The Premier Golf Podcast

The Premier Golf Podcast fast tracks development through digestible pro instruction no matter your age or skill. Top teachers utilize modern tech aids like video analysis, launch monitors, pressure mats, and sensors to pinpoint specific problem areas uniquely. You’ll gain confidence implementing targeted fixes and drills without asking adults for constant help. Though tailored for junior golfers, guidance works for struggling adults too in the inclusive community.

#08: The Sweet Spot Podcast

The Sweet Spot Podcast
Picture Credit: Spotify

The Sweet Spot Podcast proves golf can be fun versus frustrating with the right mindset adjustments. LPGA pro hosts Emma Carpenter and Louise Green share visualized mental techniques to reframe swing thoughts, proper goal setting, fear conquer, pre-shot routines, emotion regulation, and more. Sports psychology gives you renewed motivation, even when natural talent seems lacking early. Tension relief also allows athletic potential to emerge.

#09: The Rad Golf Podcast

The Rad Golf Podcast preaches golf should feel chill, not stuffy. “Rad” host Eric Larson and sidekicks promote accessibility, especially for beginners, kids, and casual players who hesitate to try golf traditionally. Episodes break down barriers around stuffy dress codes, intimidating rules, and country club culture. You’ll learn simplified starter guidance about used gear shopping, public course etiquette, range session plans or just having more fun goofing off creatively minus judgements.

#10: The Hackers Paradise Golf Podcast

The Hackers Paradise Golf Podcast
Picture Credit: Spotify

True to its name, The Hackers Paradise Golf Podcast embraces hacking players…and hacking the game itself to play smarter. Hosts analyze unusual professional tricks for escaping traps, miracle recovery shots, and tough layouts creatively. Sometimes radically smart strategy compensates for swing deficiencies beautifully with clever club selection, punch shots, chip putts, uneven lies, and more.


The “mental game” means keeping your head and emotions in control while playing golf. Having a strong mental game means staying relaxed, positive, focused, and confident even when you hit bad shots. It’s about managing thoughts, feelings, and attitudes to score better. A poor mental game leads to getting nervous, angry, or giving up when facing trouble.

The Sweet Spot Podcast hosted by LPGA pros Louise Green and Emma Carpenter is fantastic for improving your mental golf skills. They teach things like visualization, goal setting, handling stress, and staying motivated. Using sports psychology and mindset coaching, they cover ways to react to mistakes confidently. By learning their mental tools and tricks, your physical game improves too.

For humor and personality, the Golf Subpar podcast stands out. The hilarious friendship between hosts professional golfer Colt Knost and sports reporter Drew Stoltz makes golf less intimidating. Trading wild stories, friendly trash talk, and genuinely funny jokes, their golf conversations capture humor that happens organically while playing with buddies. Laughter helps golf feel more welcoming for all.

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