How to enhance a playlist on spotify 2024

Spotify has a new setting called Enhance that can improve your playlists using smart technology.

When turned on, Enhance will upgrade the sound of songs as you listen using artificial intelligence, or AI.

To get cleaner, more exciting versions of all the songs in a playlist.

First, open the latest version of the Spotify app on your phone or computer. Then make sure you subscribe to Spotify Premium. Go to your playlist, click the three dots to open the menu, choose Enhance playlist, and turn it on. Now just play your playlist and Enhance will automatically make your favorite tunes sound better.

What is enhanced on spotify

Spotify is a music app where you can listen to lots of songs. They created a new feature called Enhance that tries to make the songs sound better using computers or mobile.

For example, it can make the singer’s voice clearer or make the music sound more exciting. When you turn on Enhance, Spotify will upgrade all the songs automatically using advanced technology as you listen to them. So the songs might sound different and improved compared to normal. Not all songs will change a lot, but especially older songs might sound cleaner.

Enhance only works if you pay for the special Premium version of Spotify. You can turn it on or off easily to hear the difference. It’s meant to make songs sound more like what the original artist wanted. So in basic terms, Enhance uses artificial intelligence, or AI, to remix songs to sound better for people paying to use Spotify.

How to enhance Spotify playlist on Android Phone/iPhone

Elevating your Spotify playlists just got easier thanks to the new Enhance feature – available exclusively to Spotify Premium users. This clever AI functionality injects track recommendations that blend seamlessly with your taste curations. But how exactly can you access this special tool? Activating Enhance differs slightly across platforms.

Here are step-by-step instructions to pump up playlists with Enhance Magic both on Android devices and iPhones:

  • Android Enhance Activation:
  1. Open the desired playlist on the Spotify app
  2. Tap the 3-dot menu in the upper right corner
  3. Select “Enhance playlist” option
  4. Toggle on Enhance to activate recommendations
  • iPhone Enhance Activation:
  1. Open the desired playlist on the Spotify app
  2. Tap the ellipses icon (3 dots) next to the Heart button
  3. Choose the “Enhance this playlist” option
  4. Flip the switch for Enhance to turn on suggestions

Give your Android or iPhone playlists an instant injection of audio energy with Enhance. This special Spotify Premium feature saves you time finding relevant new tracks.

How to enhance Spotify playlist on PC/Macbook

Elevating your Spotify playlists with personalized song suggestions is now possible right from your Mac or Windows desktop with the Enhance feature. Here is a simple step-by-step guide to activating it:

  • Activate Enhance on Windows
  1. Right-click the playlist name in Your Library
  2. Select “Enhance This Playlist”
  3. Toggle button to enable Enhance
  • Activate Enhance on Mac
  1. Ctrl + click playlist name in Your Library
  2. Choose “Enhance Playlist”
  3. Flip the switch to turn on Enhance

Once enabled on either desktop platform, Enhance will start suggesting additional tracks that blend into the existing vibe and flow of playlists opened.

So give your desktop playlists an instant audio upgrade with Enhance’s specialized A.I. recommendations.

How to turn off Enhance on spotify

  • For Android App:
  1. Open the Spotify app on your Android device
  2. Tap on the “Settings” icon in the top right
  3. Scroll down and tap on “Audio Quality”
  4. Tap the switch next to “Enhance audio quality” to turn it off
  • For iPhone App:
  1. Open the Spotify app on your iPhone
  2. Tap on the “Settings” tab at the bottom right
  3. Tap on “Audio Quality”
  4. Turn off the “Enhance audio” toggle
  • For Windows PC App:
  1. Open Spotify on your PC and click on “Edit” in the top left corner
  2. Select Preferences from the menu
  3. Select the Audio Quality tab
  4. Uncheck the box next to “Enable Spotify Enhance”
  • For Macbook App:
  1. Click on the “Spotify” menu in the toolbar
  2. Select “Preferences…
  3. Select the “Audio Quality” tab
  4. Uncheck the box next to “Enable Spotify Enhance”

Why Spotify enhance button not showing

How to enhance a playlist on spotify 2024
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If you’re unable to locate Spotify’s new Enhance button for powering up playlists with personalized recommendations, a few steps may solve it:

Tip # 1: Update the App

  • Go to your app store and install the latest Spotify app update. Enhance requires the newest version.

Tip # 2: Check Subscription

  • Ensure your Spotify account has an active Premium paid subscription. Enhance is only for Premium members.

Tip # 3: Force Close the App

  • Fully force close out of the Spotify app by swiping it away in your open apps tray. Then reopen it.

Tip # 4: Manually Enable Enhance

  • Open a playlist, tap the 3 dots, select “Enable Enhance” in settings, and toggle on.

Tip # 5: Contact Support

  • If Enhance is still not showing, reach out to Spotify customer support to confirm your account has proper Enhance permissions.

Tip # 6: Wait for Wider Release

  • Keep checking back as Spotify expands Enhance access to more subscribers. Full rollout takes time globally.

Why can’t I enhance my Spotify playlist?

There are a few key reasons you may be unable to access Spotify’s new Enhance playlist feature for injecting personalized song recommendations:

  • Enhance is only available for Spotify Premium paid subscribers at this time. Non-paying Spotify users unfortunately can’t utilize the Enhance functionality yet.
  • The Enhance catalog could still be slowly rolling out. Even some Premium accounts may not have permissions enabled already if Spotify is gradually expanding access.
  • Your Spotify app may need an update to the latest version. Open your phone’s app store or desktop app marketplace to manually trigger an update which may unlock Enhance.
  • Your device or account could have issues fully loading new Spotify interface elements. Try force-closing the app and restarting it to refresh all components.
  • Regional launch delays – Spotify rolls out major new features like Enhance to different global markets over time. Your country may not have access yet.

Billing restrictions, gradual rollout delays, or app glitches could all temporarily block access to Enhance. But Spotify suggests keep checking back as they scale availability to more subscribers over time! Patience and an app refresh should reward you soon.


Why can’t I find the Enhance button on my playlists?

Enhance is slowly rolling out. Force close and reopen the Spotify app to refresh the interface.

What if Enhance is not shown despite refreshing the app?

Check that your Spotify subscription is an active Premium paid membership, which is required for Enhance.

Why does my friend have Enhance but I don’t?

Spotify launches new features gradually across regions. So Enhance may not be activated yet for all global users.

Last Words

In closing – while Spotify’s new Enhance functionality brings powerful playlist upgrades, access remains limited pending wider release. Eligible Premium subscribers unable to locate Enhance should refresh and confirm app permissions, or simply hold tight as availability expands globally.

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