How many minutes have I listened to Spotify?

Do you want to find out how many minutes you have listened to Spotify? But don’t know how you can do that.

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In this article, I will introduce you to some third-party apps that you can use on your mobile or computer and easily find out your listening minutes on Spotify.

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How Many Minutes You Have Listened To Spotify

Are you looking to find out how many minutes you have listened to Spotify? There are various applications available that can help you gather information about your Spotify listening time.

In this guide, I will share with you some third-party apps that you can use to track how much time you have spent on Spotify.

#01: Trackify

Trackify is one of the best free apps for tracking your Spotify listening time. This application provides comprehensive information regarding your listening habits.

If you’re unsure how to use the Trackify app, simply follow my step-by-step guide.

Step 01: First of all, Open the Trackify website (

Trackify step
Picture credit: Spotify E Guide

Step 02: Click on the “login button” at the bottom of the screen (if you are attempting to log in via mobile).

Trackify step 01
Picture credit: Spotify E Guide

Step 03: Enter your credentials related to your account, such as your “Email” and “Password”.

Trackify step
Picture credit: Spotify E Guide

Step 04: Click on the “Login” button. Here, you can see how many minutes you have listened to on Spotify.

how to check spotify minutes

#02: Stats. FM

Stats FM is a popular app for tracking your Spotify listening time. According to Justuseapp, Stats FM has 4 million users worldwide. Stats FM provides detailed information related to your listening habits visually. Know which type of music you loved so much. You can see top songs, top artists, and top albums on this app and compare your listening track sheet with your friends or family.

If you don’t know how to use Stats FM, just follow these steps.

Step 01: Click on this link ( and open the Stats. FM official website. login process

Step 02: Click on the “Continue with Spotify” button. login process 1

Step 03: Now Enter your “Login” Detail and click on the login button. login process 2

That’s it!

#03: Last. FM

Last. FM is a music website and app that lets you keep track of the songs you listen to and receive suggestions for new music based on your listening habits. It works by recording the songs you play on different music players and streaming services, creating a detailed profile of your music preferences.

Last. FM then uses this information to recommend similar artists and songs that you might like. The platform also includes music charts, song lyrics, artist biographies, and a social networking feature where you can connect with people who share your music taste, join fan groups, and exchange playlists. Now, let’s see how you can use it by following these steps.

Step 01: Open the Last. FM official website using this link (

Last. FM website
Picture Credit: Last. FM

Step 02: Tap on the three horizontal lines on the left side of your screen.

Last FM

Step 3: Now tap on the “Sign Up” button in the dropdown menu.

Last FM step 3

Step 4: Here, enter your username, email, password, and confirm password.

Last FM step 4

Step 05: Now tap on the checkbox and then tap on the “Sign Up” Button.

Last FM step 4

#04: Obscurify

Obscurify is a website that helps you see the music you listen to on Spotify. It shows you which singers or bands you listen to the most, and which songs you play the most often. It also tells you how much time you spend listening to music on Spotify. Obscurify can show you the different types of music you like, like rock, pop, or hip-hop.

It can even show you how your music tastes have changed over time. To use Obscurify, you just need to let it connect to your Spotify account, and it will gather all the information about your listening habits. If you don’t know how to use the Obscurify application, follow these steps

Step 01: First of all, click on this link (


Step 02: Tap on the log-in button.

Obscurify 1

Step 03: Enter your Spotify account login details (email and password).

Obscurify 2

Step 04: Now tap on the “Login” button.

Obscurify 3

Step 05: Read the complete instructions and click on the “Agree” button.

Obscurify 4

Step 06: After all, scroll down and view your stats.

Obscurify 5

#05: MusicTaste.Space

MusicTaste.Space is a website just like Obscurify. It also helps you see the kinds of music you listen to on Spotify. With MusicTaste.Space, you can find out which singers or bands you listen to the most. It will show you your favorite songs that you play over and over again.

The website can tell you how many different songs, artists, and types of music you have listened to. It can even show you pictures and colors that match the music you like best. So, let’s see how to check minutes listened on Spotify using MusicTaste.Space.

Step 01: First, open Google and search “Musictaste” in the search bar, then click on this website.


Step 03: Tap on the “Sign in with Spotify” button.

Obscurify 6

Step 04: Read the complete terms & conditions and click on the “Agree” button.


Step 05: Now, on the website, you will be able to view and track the amount of time you have spent listening to music on Spotify. This third-party app allows you to see how much time you have dedicated to enjoying music through the Spotify platform. By exploring this information, you can gain insights into your listening habits and preferences.


#06: Chosic

Chosic is a simple yet powerful app to track your daily music listening habits. It lets you log the artists, albums, and songs you listen to each day, providing insightful statistics and visualizations of your music taste over time. With Chosic, you can rediscover forgotten gems in your music library, explore new genres based on your listening patterns, and share your music journey with friends.

Step 01: Click on this link ( and then click on the “Login With Spotify” button.

Chosic step 01

Step 02: Now Enter your Spotify account login details like “Email and Password”

Chosic step 02

Step 03: Now select how much old data you want to view (4 WEEKS, 6 MONTHS or ALL TIME)

Chosic step 03

That’s it!

Bonus Tips

Use Spotify Wrapped
Every December, Spotify makes a special ‘Wrapped‘ experience that shows all your biggest music moments from that year. It tells you how many total minutes you listened!

Ask Your Virtual Assistant
If you have a virtual assistant like Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant connected to your Spotify, you can simply say “How many minutes have I listened to on Spotify?” and it will tell you.

Check Your Email Updates
Spotify sometimes sends email updates with your latest listening stats. Look in the emails from Spotify to see if any mention your total minutes listened.

Use Coding
If you know how to code, there are ways to connect to Spotify’s data through their API and extract your detailed listening history to calculate total minutes.


Why might I want to track my Spotify listening time?

Tracking your Spotify listening time can be useful for a few reasons. It can help you understand your music consumption habits, set goals or limits for your listening, and even discover new artists or genres based on the types of content you listen to the most.

How to see Spotify listening time for a specific playlist?

Most Spotify stat tracking features will allow you to view your listening time broken down by playlist. Simply navigate to the playlist section and look for the “Stats” or “Listening Time” option to see how many minutes or hours you’ve spent listening to that particular playlist.

What’s the difference between Spotify minutes and hours?

Spotify typically displays listening time in both minutes and hours. Minutes give you a more precise breakdown, while hours provide a higher-level overview. For example, Spotify might show that you listened for 127 minutes this week, which equates to about 2 hours and 7 minutes.

Can I set a Spotify listening time limit?

While Spotify itself doesn’t have a built-in feature to set hard limits on your listening time, some third-party apps and parental control tools allow you to set daily or weekly time limits for Spotify usage. This can help manage your overall screen time or audio consumption.

How does Spotify calculate listening time for podcasts?

For podcasts on Spotify, listening time is calculated based on the actual duration of the podcast episode or segment you streamed. So if you listened to a 30-minute podcast episode in its entirety, that would count as 30 minutes towards your total Spotify listening time.

Can I view my Spotify yearly listening time for previous years?

Yes, Spotify’s “Wrapped” or year-end review feature typically allows you to look back at your total listening time and other stats for previous years, not just the current year. This can be a fun way to see how your music habits have evolved.

Final Words

In this article, we covered various strategies for tracking your Spotify minutes listened, from using the built-in stats features to exploring third-party apps and tools. But now it’s your turn!

Which approach are you most excited to try first for gaining insights into your Spotify listening habits? Will you start by checking your overall minutes for the year in the Wrapped section? Maybe you want to dive into podcast listening times or view the breakdown for a favorite playlist.

Or perhaps you’re intrigued by some of the advanced third-party analytics platforms mentioned and want to go deep into visualizing and understanding your music consumption patterns.

Leave a comment below and let us know which strategy you’ll be implementing first to check your Spotify minutes.

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