6 Ways To Transfer Pandora Playlist to Spotify

Do you have song playlists saved on Pandora that you want to move to Spotify?

Transferring your Pandora music picks over to your new Spotify account is possible.

This article explains the simple methods to move your Pandora playlists to Spotify in just a few minutes.

Read on to learn how to transfer Pandora playlist to spotify.

How To Transfer Pandora Playlist To Spotify

Moving your favorite songs and music stations from Pandora to Spotify is easy. This article will explain 6 different ways to get all your Pandora playlist collections copied over into your Spotify account. Read on to learn simple tricks you can do yourself or use cool apps to automatically transfer your playlists and favorites.

transfer pandora to spotify
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  • Sign up for Stamp from the iOS/Android app store. Stamp allows transferring music between streaming platforms.
  • Open the Stamp app and connect your Pandora account. Allow Stamp to access your Pandora library, playlists, and listening history.
  • Also, connect your Spotify account to the Stamp app. Make sure to enable Stamp’s access to view and modify your Spotify music.
  • In Stamp, browse your Pandora playlists then tap the “Stamp It” icon next to the playlist name. This copies it.
  • Now select your Spotify account in the app and tap “Paste” to add the Pandora playlist to your Spotify library. The tracks will transfer over.
transfer pandora to spotify
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  • Open the Pandora app or website and browse to the playlist you want to transfer. View all the songs it contains.
  • Switch over to Spotify and create a new blank playlist with any desired name.
  • Manually search Spotify for each song that exists in your Pandora playlist. Add the matching Spotify track results you find into the new playlist.
  • Repeat this song search process until all Pandora playlist contents have been recreated in the Spotify playlist. Confirm songs match from start to finish.

Note:The manual method ensures accuracy but takes more time. Using a third-party app like Stamp provides the quickest automated transfer option between the platforms. Evaluate your playlist size, song libraries, and time available to pick the best approach.

Use Soundiiz
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  • Go to the Soundiiz website and register for an account. Connect your Pandora and Spotify accounts through the Soundiiz platform.
  • In Soundiiz, select the Pandora playlist you want to transfer. Click the transfer icon.
  • Choose the Spotify account and select exactly where to send this playlist (specific profile, custom playlist name, etc.)
  • Soundiiz will automatically match and transfer songs from the Pandora playlist into Spotify based on track metadata. The process is largely automated.

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  • Install the IFTTT app on your phone and link your Pandora account. Also, add the Spotify applet.
  • Create a new IFTTT applet with Pandora as the trigger service. Select the playlist export/data option.
  • Set Spotify as the action service configured to automatically generate a new playlist.
  • Enable and test the applet. Once triggered, it will copy playlist contents from Pandora to an auto-generated Spotify playlist via background metadata transfers.

Note: The IFTTT method requires minimal input, with the tool handling matches automatically after setup. Soundiiz provides more customization during the export process. Evaluate automation needs vs precision when selecting the best Pandora to Spotify playlist transfer method.

Tune My Music
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  • Visit tunemymusic.com and create a free account. Connect your Pandora and Spotify accounts.
  • Select the Pandora playlist you want to transfer. Click the Transfer button.
  • Tune My Music will automatically match tracks based on artist, album, and song title data to generate the playlist on Spotify.
  • You can select exactly where to create the new Spotify playlist during transfer.
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  • Go to a Pandora playlist conversion site like playlist-converter.net
  • Enter your Pandora username and password when prompted. This allows API access to read playlists.
  • Select the specific playlist you want to transfer. Specify Spotify as the target destination.
  • The converter site extracts your Pandora playlist contents and automatically attempts to match tracks to Spotify titles based on metadata.
  • Provide your Spotify credentials to enable creating the new converted playlist directly in your Spotify account.

Note:Automation converter sites provide an easy way forward without downloading files yourself. And Tune My Music offers reliable, secure automation coupled with custom Spotify placement. Assess automation needs and security preferences when picking a method.


Yes, switching gives you access to more features like customized playlists, offline listening, deep music discovery, and 70 million songs to any Pandora library. Spotify connectivity also allows transferring Pandora playlists.

Use third-party apps like TuneMyMusic and Soundiiz or IFTTT applets to extract Pandora station details and auto-generate comparable Spotify playlists based on the station’s artist, genre, and song preferences.

Connect your Pandora account to converter platforms like playlist-converter.net or directly through Spotify playlist transfer services like Stamp to import music. These automatically match and add Pandora playlists.

Yes, Spotify has broader song collections, more customizable playlists, unique discovery features, downloads for offline listening, and excellent connectivity across integrations making transfers easier.

No, Pandora and Spotify are separate competing music streaming companies. Spotify currently has greater user reach globally and offers better playlist personalization and song libraries.

Final Words

Moving your Pandora song collections and music stations over to Spotify is easy with playlist-matching apps. Tools like Stamp, Soundiiz, and TuneMyMusic will copy the playlist from Pandora and put a version with the same songs into your Spotify with just a click. You can also manually search for each track again yourself in Spotify to make sure no songs get missed. Both ways let you take all your music picks and favorites from Pandora into the better Spotify service where you can listen offline and never hear ads interrupt your jam session. Switching over helps stop getting annoyed at Pandora’s limits.

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