How to make a playlist folder on Spotify (Easily)

How to make a playlist folder on Spotify: Organizing your Spotify playlists into folders is a great way to bring order to your musical library. Over time, Spotify users can build up a large collection of personally crafted playlists for every mood, genre, and occasion.

Finding the exact soundtrack you want can start to get challenging when scrolling through a packed playlist list. This is where utilizing Spotify’s playlist folder functionality comes in super handy.

Playlist folders allow you to group multiple playlists under one main parent folder. This allows you to neatly categorize playlists by themes like genres, moods, and activities or even group together your most listened-to playlists. Creating customized playlist folders takes organization up a level for easy access.

Get ready to learn the quick steps to folder creation success!

How to make a playlist folder on Spotify via Android/iOS

Here are the steps to create playlist folders in Spotify using their Android or iOS mobile apps:

  1. Open the Spotify app on your Android or iOS device and tap on “Your Library” at the bottom.
  2. Next, tap on “Playlists” to enter your full list of playlists.
  3. In the top right corner, tap the 3 dots icon to open more options then select “Create Folder”.
  4. This will open up a “Name Folder” text field. Enter the name for your playlist folder, like “Chill Playlists” or “Favorite Pop”.
  5. Tap “Confirm” to create the empty playlist folder with the name you entered.
  6. Now when viewing your full playlist list, tap and hold any playlist you want to add to the new folder.
  7. Tap “Add to Folder” from the pop-up menu then select which folder you want that playlist added into.
  8. Repeat steps 6 & 7 to keep adding relevant playlists into one of your themed folders for better organization.

That’s all it takes! Now when you open a playlist folder, you will see a neat collection of associated playlists together. Creating multiple folders helps you access playlists faster.

How to make playlist folders in Spotify via PC/Macbook

make a playlist folder on Spotify
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Follow these instructions to create playlist folders using the Spotify app on your desktop PC or Mac:

  1. Launch the Spotify application on your Windows PC or Apple MacBook laptop. Ensure you’re logged into your Spotify account.
  2. Click on “Your Library” in the left sidebar menu and select “Playlists” to enter your full playlist collection.
  3. Near the top right, click the “Create Folder” button represented by a small square folder icon with a + symbol.
  4. A “Create Playlist Folder” window will open. Type in a name for your new playlist folder such as “Favorite Hip Hop” or “Pop Anthems”.
  5. Once you’ve titled your playlist folder, click the blue “Create” button at the bottom to complete making it.
  6. Now back in “Your Library” > “Playlists”, and locate your newly created empty playlist folder. Click any relevant playlist, and drag + drop it directly onto the folder.
  7. Repeat the drag + drop process to keep adding suitable playlists into one of your themed folders to bundle playlists.
  8. Later when opening a folder, you will see an organized collection of playlists together for easy access instead of searching through all playlists.

Get creative grouping playlists into as many folders as useful for your library! This organization helps Spotify navigate.

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How to make playlist folders in Spotify visible

To make your Spotify playlist folders visible, allowing other users to see them when visiting your profile, here are the key steps:

  1. Log into the Spotify app on either desktop or mobile and open up one of your created playlist folders from Your Library > Playlists.
  2. On the desktop hover over the playlist folder name, and click the 3 dots to open a dropdown menu. On mobile tap the 3 dots icon instead.
  3. Find and select the “Make Public” option. This will make your playlist folder visible to anyone.
  4. If you only want followers to see your folders, return to the 3 dot menu later and select “Make Private”. Only your followers will have access.

By default, Spotify playlist folders are private and only visible to you. Following the steps above directly enables the made public toggle that exposes folders on your shared profile.

Remember you can check the visibility of individual playlists within each folder too. Making entire folders public super charges sharing capabilities so more listeners can find and enjoy your themed playlist bundles too!


Q: Can I reorder my Spotify playlist folders?
A: Yes! Simply drag and drop folders to rearrange their order in Your Library.

Q: Is there a limit to how many playlists a folder can contain?
A: No, you can add an unlimited amount of playlists to any folder.

Q: Can I add a playlist to multiple folders?
A: Absolutely! A single playlist can be filed in as many different category folders as you want.

Last Words

In conclusion, creating customized playlist folders is a game-changer for organizing your Spotify library. Strategically bundling playlists by mood, genre or activity makes locating your perfect soundtrack a breeze. Mastering the simple drag-and-drop process takes just minutes too.

Whether you crave pumpkin spice tunes in fall, summer barbecue jams, intensity-building workout mixes, or chilled-out study sessions, folders keep your vibe just a click away. Supercharge and share by making those meticulously assembled folders public.

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