Top 19 Best debate podcasts on spotify

Debates are when people talk about topics they disagree on. Debates help people learn more about different opinions. Podcasts are free radio shows you can listen to on Spotify.

Some podcasts record debates so you can listen to smart people argue about interesting things.

These debate podcasts on Spotify that are easy to understand are The Argument, Intelligence Squared, and Slate’s Political Gabfest.

I am Mubarak Ali and I enjoy listening to debate podcasts. After listening to many debate podcasts, I have compiled what I consider the top debate podcasts on Spotify.

In this article, we will dive into the list of best debate podcasts on spotify.

Best debate podcasts on spotify

  • Intelligence Squared – Oxford-style debates featuring experts and public figures arguing important issues like politics, culture, economics, and technology. The lively yet civil format often surfaces unexpected points.
  • The Argument – Opinionated, uncensored debates between New York Times columnists Ross Douthat and Michelle Goldberg on the news of the day. Hear sharp dialogue from differing ideological viewpoints.
  • The Debate Podcast – Hosted by former BBC anchors, features nuanced Oxford-style debates on topics ranging from politics to culture to ethics. Bonus episodes have 1-on-1 discussions.
  • Munk Debates – Debates a big idea that matters, aiming to spark lively discussion and debate. From Canada, features top thinkers and doers hashing out divisive resolutions.
  • Slate’s Political Gabfest – Less structured debates from the left on American politics and culture. Feels like eavesdropping on candid discussions between well-informed friends.
  • Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates – Much like its Oxford counterpart, frequently brings top-tier experts together for lively and enlightening debates on provocative motions.
  • Point Vs. Point – Examines controversial topics from two sides, with each of the two hosts explaining their stance in depth. You get to hear forcefully argued opposing views.
  • The Brookings Cafeteria – Scholars from the Brookings Institution discuss major news events and public policy issues, often featuring debates between experts with contrasting analyses.
  • Debate and Discuss – take a contentious statement and let the hosts analyze and debate it. Often touches on politics and philosophy.
  • Debate It – Casual, funny debates between friends and occasional guests on questions big and small submitted by listeners. You get well-argued opinions on anything from films to current affairs.

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Debate podcasts for students

  • Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates – Features highly engaging and informative Oxford-style debates on major issues like politics, economics, culture, and technology. Great for exposure to reasoned discourse.
  • Slate’s Political Gabfest – A weekly podcast with informal yet insightful left-of-center commentary on American politics and culture from well-informed hosts.
  • The Brookings Cafeteria – Scholars at the prestigious Brookings Institution debate the latest developments in public policy and global affairs. Helps students understand issues.
  • Munk Debates – Presents leading thinkers fiercely debating divisive resolutions that address pressing global questions to help the audience form their own opinions.
  • The Argument – New York Times columnists David Leonhardt, Ross Douthat, and Michelle Goldberg debate the week’s news. Models disagreeing with civility and reasoning rather than attacks.

Debate podcasts for political

  • Slate’s Political Gabfest – An informal yet engaging weekly chat from a left-leaning viewpoint on American politics and culture.
  • The Axe Files with David Axelrod – Obama’s former advisor has in-depth interviews and cross-examines ideological opponents.
  • The Glenn Show – Combines monologues and long-form debates featuring Glenn Loury and guests across racial and political divides.
  • The Remnant with Jonah Goldberg – The conservative writer debates the news, philosophy, and political ideas with fellow commentators.


A: They use an Oxford-style debate format featuring two teams of two experts each arguing for and against a specific motion. Each side makes their case in three timed rounds interspersed with cross-examination and audience Q&A. The side that changes the most minds from pre to post-debate wins.

A: Over 200 debates have focused on pressing issues that spark lively discussion. Prominent public intellectuals, subject experts, public figures, or policy specialists provide insight into complex issues.

A: The award-winning Intelligence Squared US podcast features audio of their renowned public debates. You can also watch full videos of many classic debates for free on the Intelligence Squared YouTube channel along with supplementary context videos.

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